Alexandria - One of many cities called "Alexandria" established in various countries by Alexander the Great. It has grown prosperous as a trading point between the Mediterranean sea and Arabia. The fertile soil on the banks of the Nile are perfect for farming, and it also handles spices and incense by way of Arabia.

Alexandria is located in the Eastern Europe port permit area, and is part of the North African cultural sphere. It is located on the East Mediterranean Sea zone, and is a major city. You need disguise level of 20 or higher to enter this city.

Office of the ViceroyPort (Company District)MansionAdventurer GuildMaritime GuildMerchant GuildPort (Square)MansionMosqueBankMarketPort (Commercial District)Shuluk EstateCompany Administration OfficeCraft ShopItem ShopMansionRest AreaShipyardArchivesPort (Harbour)Alexandriamap

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