Map Name Text on the map Required Skills Rank required Location Rewards Places map is also found
Ancient Tools Map Land on east bank of Athens Northeast corner. Search, Archeology 1 West Turkey Coast Bronze, Antique Art Istanbul, Alexandria
Ancient tools map Land on east bank of Athens. Near a giant dead tree on the east. Search, Archeology 2 West Turkey Coast Painted Pottery Marseille
Land east of Athens on the other side Search, Archeology 3 Naples, Alexandria
Ancient goldwork map At the relics in campania on the outskirts of Naples Search, Archeology, Unlock 3 Campagna, ruins interior 4 Goldwork
Land on opposite ends of Athens east Search, Archeology 9 Alexandria
Ancient Text Map Land on west bank of Cairo, Near the interior Giza region, west of monument structure Search, Archeology 1 Papyrus Scrolls