Athens - A town with a long history, having existed from the time of the ancient Greeks. On top of the Acropolis stands the Parthenon, which formerly housed a 10m high statue of Athena. Its specialties are olives and high quality marble.

Athens is located in the Eastern Europe port permit area, and is unlocked by the East Mediterranean Sea port permit. It is located on the East Mediterranean Sea zone, and is part of The Balkans cultural sphere. Gateways to West Athens and Northwest Athens land areas are located in the city.

The Business Mediator is just outside the Tavern, the other two are inside. There is an Interpreter next to the Market Keeper.

La Valette EstatePort (Harbour)ShipyardTavernItem ShopCraft ShopMartinengo EstateGatekeeper (Athens, West)BankPort (Commercial District)MarketMerchant GuildMansionAdventuter GuildMaritime GuildPort (Square)Gatekeeper (Athens, Northwest)ArchivesCompany Administration OfficeOffice of the leader of the knightsMansionPort (Company District)Athens

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