Genoa - A city that was built as a base in ancient Roman times, and prospered through the age of the Crusades. It once engaged in a struggle for power with Venice, but is now sadly in decline. However, appropriately for a large city, it does deal in exclusive products.

Genoa is located in the Western Europe port permit area, and is part of the Italy and Southern France cultural sphere. It is located on the Ligurian Sea zone, and is a major city. A gateway to Northwest Genoa is located in the city.

Port (Harbour)ArchovesShipyardCompany Administration OfficeMansionGatewayPort (Company District)Adventurer GuildDuchess of Traetto's EstateChurchPort (Square)MansionOffice of the DogeItem ShopCraft ShopMaritime GuildBankPort (Commercial District)MarketMerchant GuildMansionTavernGenoa

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