Name: God of the lost underworld No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:

Tunis Adventure Mediator
Athens Adventure Mediator
Istanbul Adventure Mediator

Attrib price 16,000 Ð
Advance 0 Ð
Quest Details: Difficulty:

This will certainly get your attention. An expedition funded by a Spice Trader from Alexandria returned to port, but some of the treasure they collected disappeared apparently. Perhaps they lost it somewhere on the way home? That could certainly be possible. Maybe you should ask the trader for more details.

Required Skill(s):
Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0


The angry merchant
Alexandria - Spice Trader to the right of Merchant Guild

Ah, the search party. Each time those clowns tell some new, fabulous tale to get funds from me, and then they go and manage to lose the object Osiris idol! Thanks for nothing. Huh? Oh, well, the party always goes down by boat from the dock in the middle reaches of the Nile. They rest in the area of the rock piles east of the dock.

QuestData6 At the rest area...

Central Nile - near Stacked Boulders

Word is that search party financed by Alexandria Spice Trader always rests by the rock piles east of the dock in the middle reaches of the Nile. It is possible that the idol they lost did fall somewhere in that neighbourhood. Stands to reason there is value in searching there.

Rewards for Completion
XP / Fame

Quest discovery: EXPType adventure 110
Discovery card: EXPType adventure 55
Report XP: EXPType adventure 130
Report fame: Attrib fame1Type adventure 65


The Statue of Osiris
The Statue of Osiris



Central Nile East Mediterranean Sea