Name: Mystery of the Kabala No Expiration
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Attrib price 50,000 Ð
Advance 0 Ð
Attrib timeperiod 16th Century-P.2
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An old book on Alchemy was found at the Library of Alexandria. It appears that something about azoth might be written, but the Alchemist cannot interpret the writings, so he can't read it. For no, how about you head over there to read it?

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Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0


An incomprehensible book
Alexandria - Scholar

There's an alchemy book that was discovered in the Archives. A certain well-known Alchemist said it's and incredibly precious tome, but, even if I read it, I can;t make heads or tails of it. And if I ask that Alchemist, they won't answer me at all. If the information is being closely hidden, then it really must be valuable.


Telling the wise from the fools
Alexandria - Shaman

They don't know what's in the alchemy book? And the Alchemist won't answer any questions? The contents of the book is actually clearly explained. Anyone could become an Alchemist if they read it. So why was it purposely written in such difficult language? Well? In terms of who its wisdom will be taught to, it can separate the worthy from the unworthy.


Language for creating an alchemy book
Alexandria - Shaman

Only those who fully pursue the difficult account described in the book are able to become Alchemists. To give some examples, the first task to be carried out is written at the end, a procedure appears in different chapters and faulty methods are included on purpose. This type of complex notation system is known as Kabbalah.


An enigmatic speaker
Venice - Paracelsus

Kabbalah is not something that can be taught easily. If you really endeavour, it will make sense. A typical Kabbalah contains techniques such as using similar sounds to point other words, rearranging phrases and anagrams. When reading a book using Kabbalah, you need to assemble the words. Are you good at Greek? It will be necessary to understand the rest of this explanation.


Venice - Paracelsus

Let's take this Greek book for example. "Old Ghost King. Moan, My Flare Mace." By looking at the title, someone knowledgeable in Kabbalah would know it's an alchemy book. It's an anagram. If we rearrange the letters, it comes to... "Alchemy. Making Gold from a Stone", which is the book's real title.

QuestData6 Mystery of the Kabala

The alchemy book discovered in Alexandria is a valuable work, but its content could not be understood. While the actual material was clearly explained, it was written using a difficult language system know as Kabbalah. This was done to choose who would receive its knowledge. Apparently, to solve Kabbalah, it's important to know about anagrams and ancient Greek.

Rewards for Completion
XP / Fame

Report XP: EXPType adventure 35
Report fame: Attrib fame1Type adventure 83




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