Naples - A historical town built by the ancient Greeks before the birth of Christ. It was once known as Neapolis which means "New Town". Since it is located in the centre of the Mediterranean, even today it is a large city and an important part in Mediterranean sea trade.

Naples is located in the Eastern Europe port permit area, and is part of the Italy and Southern France cultural sphere. It is located on the Ionian Sea zone, and is a major city. A gateway to Naples Outskirts and a carriage to Rome are located in the city.

GatewayCarriageArchivesCompany Administration OfficeBankOffice of the Royal PalaceMansionTavernMarketChurchShipyardThomas Campanella EstatePort (Commercial District)Maritime GuildMerchant GuildAdventurer GuildGesualdo EstatePort (Square)Port (Company District)MansionPort (Harbour)Craft ShopItem ShopNaples

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