Welcome to Official Uncharted Waters Wiki this is the policy page where you will learn how to edit a page and to distinguish between old and messed up pages and the latest standards, the use of the classic editor is strongly advised. If one or more pages share the same name you should use PageName -1, PageName -2 and so on to make them distinguishable; remember to create and insert in the pages the disambiguation warning too. All ships' stats are based on new ships made out of beech, change stats only if you have a new ship made of the same material. Thank you in advance for reading and for editing.


Always check the template before using it in order to understand how it's made and in which order you must write it, two of the most common template are:


Many others are used in the wiki so I advise you not only to look the templates info but also check the Sample Pages to have an example on how a page should be written.


Most images should be taken directly from the game and uploaded on the wiki, the gold-framed version used on Ivyro are also accepted but if you can take a screenshot is better, use the .png file format. Items and trade goods are 48X48, port maps 378X94.