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Sailing in formation in a fleet :)

In uncharted waters online you can form a fleet / party. The maximum members a fleet can have are five.

There are two roles in a fleet.


  • The fleet leader.
  • The one who manages the fleet.
  • The one who created the fleet.


  • Member of the fleet.

Forming a fleet:

First you need to have at least two members. Double click the target player who you wish to invite.

Then a new mini window will pop up under the player. Simply click “Invite to party “then that

player will receive a confirmation asking for a party. (The notice is located in the upper right. It's a bell icon)

The invited player will just have to click the bell icon to accept the invitation. Congratulations! you

formed a fleet! To invite another the same thing you did when you first invite the first member.

You can invite four members. That makes it five including you, The admiral.

Important Fleet Notes:

You can pass the Admiral position to one of your members if you wish to.

On the event that the Admiral gets disconnected the Admiral position is automatically passed on the first fleet member you invited.

Members can auto follow the admiral while at sea. Click on the admiral's logo on your map (lower right).You can only use this command if you are a member and if your admiral is visible on your map.

Sea battle quests can only easily be finished if you team up to defeat the enemy with your fleet

You can invite party members in sea, landing points or town.

You can not invite a player who's not around you.

You can share another member's trading skills and language if he stick around you

You can get bonus fame when another member report completed quest if they are near you. Bonus fame is 40% of what the member recieves. However bonus fame decreases in incraments if your total level difference between him is more than five.