Pets are creature that can be placed in your quarters. To obtain a pet, you must first obtain the pet deed. After getting that you'll have to find a Trainer. Once found interact with the Trainer and click "change pet" then click on the pet you wish to exchange.

Pet Toy Collection

This item can be used at sea when the pet wants to play. Increases Intimacy (Attrib intimacy) of your pet.

Lv req. Recipe name Ingredient(s) Product
Skill handicrafts 3 1. Making Pet Toys
Method of making toys for pets to play with.

Pet Overview

Pet Attrib quarters Quest Food Support skills
1 The tale of a cat from the city of water

Pet plundering land

Tarsier 1 Strange eyes Live prey (cricket) Pet plundering land Pet plundering sea
[[:]]Chicken 1 [[]] [[:]][[:]][[:]]Chicken deliveries
Chinchilla 1 The love for chinchilla
Frill-necked lizard 1 The missing frill-necked lizard
Kiwi 1 Kiwi's wings
1 The Young Girl and the Cat
Platypus 1 Duckbill poison mixed bait (insects), live prey (earthworm)
Pygmy Marmoset 1 Little monkey's prank mixed bait (insects), live prey (cricket)
Siamese cat 1 The Cat, a Testimony of Appreciation mixed pet food (meat), meat chunks
Tortoiseshell cat 1 The Tortoise-shell Cat live fish, fresh fish
Armadillo 2 Lessons from mother nature meat balls, live bait (cricket) Pet plundering land
Asiatic Black Bear 2 The Fierce Creature
Dog 2 Together with a Friend
Koala 2 Koala advice
Macaroni Penguin 2 A bird that swims
Meerkat 2 Observing the lovable meerkat
Peafowl (peacock) 2 Small peacock
2 Caring for the Taiwan Magpie
Wombat 2 The Wombat's hole
Anaconda 3 The dragon and the Anaconda
Cobra 3 Delivering medicine
Giant ant-eater 3 Taking care of the giant ant-eater
Giant tortoise 3 A little something for the big snappers
Jackal 3 The rogue jackal
Kangaroo 3 Kangaroo Panic
Komodo dragon 3 The boy and the komodo dragon
Macaw 3 The rainbow-colored gift
Ocelot 3 The heartless ocelot
Orangutang 3 Gratitude to the man from the forest
Spectacled Owl 3 The sage of the forest
Toucan 3 The two clowns
Coyote 4 Coyote Troubles
Dodo 4 Wanted dodo
Flamingo 4 White Flamingo
Giant Panda 4 Bamboo eater
Japanese Crane 4 To Chase a Bird
Land iguana 4 Thika and land iguanas
Turkey 4 The Cardinal and the delicious bird