[edit] Prologue: The Journey Begins

The small country of England in the North Sea was suffering from constant instability.The Queen had prepared various measures to help rebuild the country, but the people of its Capital London were still uneasy. It was in this city of London that Player's life as a sailor began.

Chapter 1: Traces of a Friend

The people of town lamented the lack of properity. Perhaps due the poor economy, a suspicious man had been causing problems down at the tavern. Having been asked to scare the man off, Player's headed to the tavern.

Player's scared off the suspicious man, but was suddenly surround by a group of soldiers. Apparently, Count Killingrew, a powerful member of the Court, had levelled a charge of theft. Just as Player's was about to be led away, the naval officer Liza Middleton and her brother Willian Middleton come to the rescue.

Chapter 2: Frederik the Chandler

Shortly thereafter, Liza and William were given an order to attack. William was troubled by this sudden order. He had been on his way to Amsterdam in order to pay some money back to a man named Frederik. William asked if Player could deliver the money to Frederik for him. William and Liza prepared a leather bag for Player to deliver and then set out for the attack.

In the City of Amsterdam, Player began gathering information on Frederik.  Start with City Merchant near the bank, then go to City Man in square East of the bank. After talking to them you'll find Frederik at the Market.  The city apparently was suffering under the oppressive policies of the Duke of Alba from Spain and had laid all their hopes of freedom with the private navy known as the Sea Brigade. Eventually, Player heard from somebody that said they had seen frederik down at the market.

Frederik was a chandler who was willing to deliver anything to anywhere and anytime. Even after informing him that this was being paid on behalf of William, he did not try to take the money. He simply laughed after hearing that somebody had come all the way from London just to deliver some money although he was impressed by such an act of kindness. Frederik pointed to some barrels and said if they were delivered to a man named Wybrandt behind a tavern in Antwerp and a receipt was brough back, he would accept the moeny.

Player delivered the barrels to Wybrandt. The barrels were filled with munitions, but Wybrandt said not to mention it to anybody. Having been given the receipt, Player headed back to Amsterdam.

After arriving in Amsterdam, Yeagdrasil handed the receipt to Frederik, but he still refused to accept the money and left instead, Left with no other choice, Player returned to London

Chapter 3: A Pleasant Dinner

At the port in London, Liza herself came out to greet them. Liza was surprised that Frederik refused to take the money. She then invited Player to the Middleton mansion for a dinner party as a way to show thanks for the help.

Inside the Middleton mansion, a modest yet entertaining feast is being held. Player is told that Middleton family were once pirates and that Frederik had known them ever since. As Player is leaving, Liza promised that they would meet again.

Chapter 4: Her Stance on Things

Several days later, Player received a summons from the Port in London. (triggers several days later when you go to Amsterdam or Calais) It was request to search for a merchant ship that had gone missing in the North Sea. Firstly, Player needed to go to the city of Oslo to the north east of London in order to pick up some necessary emergency supplies that the missing ship required.  Talk to the Port Official there.

Having obtained that emergency supplies, Player set out to look for the merchant ship. Supposedly, the merchant ship had been on its way to Copenhagen before it disapeared. (located at 485 2150)

The happens when you found the ships.

Player found the merchant ship and delivered the emergency supplies. Then, with the ship rescued, went to return to Oslo.

After returning to port, rumours were rampant about Player. Even Liza was unable to surprise upon hearing that someone with as little experience as Player had managed such a rescue. Player was praised for such bravery and was rewarded by the Queen.

On the way back to London, William boasted about having an audience with the Queen to his sister Liza. After their arrival in London, Liza said she had something she wished to talk about and invited Player to her home.

After arriving at the Middleton mansion, the man in charge of looking after the house came rushing up to Liza. William had been arrested by a powerful member of the court known as Count Killingrew. Shocked by this sudden turn of events, Liza went to the Royal Palace to find out what had happened.

Chapter 5: A Change for the Worse

Liza pleaded her brother's innocence, who had been arrested for conspiracy against country based on the testimony of a spy. However, Killingrew ignored Liza's complaint and instead demanded that she come to serve him. Liza was trembling with anger, but for the sake of her subordinates she had no choice but to obey the order. As a result of this incident, the English navy fell completely under the control of Killingrew.

Chapter 6: Backed Into A Corner

Some days passed. The people of London began to sympathise with the abuse of the Navy at the hands of Killingrew. 'Player' was worried about Lisa and went to the Middleton Mansion to pay her a visit.

Lisa was not at the mansion. Apparently she was on a mission and would return soon. Would be best to go wait for her at the port.

However Lisa was not at the port either. According to the port offical, Lisa had gone to the Royal Place to report her mission. 'Player' went to the Royal Palace.

'Player' met Lisa and Gordon at the palace. Having lost various ships on missions they were still ordered to hunt down suspicious ships. 'Player' agreed to help them and they set sail to the Meditarranian where a suspicious ship had appeared.

'Player' found the suspicious ship near the entrance to the Meditarranian, and managed to sink it.

The group headed back to London and handed in the report to Count Killingrew

Killingrew was pleased at their efforts, which lead to the crew becoming more weary. They all retired to the Middleton Mansion for the evening.

Chapter 7: An Unfortunate Reunion

As the group were resting, an angry Frederick bust into the room, The suspicious ship that the 'player' sunk were transport ships for the Sea Brigade which was fighting for the independance of the Netherlands.

Lisa was shocked to have learned this.

Gordon asked 'player' to investigate what the ship was holding in its cargo.

Chapter 8: The Cargo List

The people of Amsterdam were saddened upon hearing that the transport ships did not return.'player' received the cargo list of the items on the ships from the market owner and then took it to London.

Just as 'player' was returning to london, a man named Baltazar suddenly appeared in the way.He said he was here by orders of the Duke of Alba to take 'players life. However, 'player' impressively managed to defeat Baltazar's men and then hurried to London where Liza was waiting.

Returning to Middleton mansion, 'player' handed over the cargo list to Liza. Upon hearing that the transport ships had been carrying medical supplies, Liza was extremely distraught. She proposed that 'player' go to Alexandria and try to purchase the items that were on the cargo list. Gordon agreed and said he would arrange for the Port Permit. 'player' went to the Royal Palace to see if permission for the permit had been granted.

Chapter 9: Procuring Supplies

Having obtained the port permit, 'player' and Gordon headed for the town of Alexandria in the Mediterranean Sea.

Once the two of them had arrived in Alexandria, they immediatly began collecting information of painkillers and bandages.

However, the merchants and shops of Alexandria refused to deal with them.Thinking there must be some kind of problem, the two went to ask a merchant in the Venetian marketplace.

Upon learning that there was a problem with Gordons's outfit, they went looking for a quality tailor in town.  (find the City Woman in the Square)

Despite complaining about the exorbitant prices, the two had no choice but to purchase the hat and clothing they required. Determined to purchase the painkillers and bandages now, the two went to Alexandria once more.

Finally, 'player' and Gordon were able to purchase the painkillers and bandages which had been aboard the ship.

'Player' had to visit the merchant and then the itemshop for the bandages.

The two hurried back to London in order to report to Liza as quick as possible.

Chapter 10: The Fiancee

At the middleton mansion, Liza had recovered and was anxiously awaiting their return. Upon hearing their report, Liza suggested that they return the medical supplies to the owner of the cargo list.

And so the group went to the market in Amsterdam.

The group delievered the medical supplies they had collected and then went to visit Frederik's mansion which was in the company district.

However, Frederik was not in the mansion and his fiancee, Amalia, was looking after the house while he was away.

Liza was somewhat bewildered upon hearing that Frederik was considering marriage and then left the mansion for home.

Chapter 11: A Weakened Navy

'Player' and the others heard that there were a number of injured sailors from the navy arriving in the port and hurried down to investigate.

According to a man working in the port, the naval ships and sailors were coming back in poor condition after finishing their training. Liza then asked Gordon to look into the issue further.

Gordon said that when 'player' and the others were away from the country, the navy had been given harsh missions. The troops were exhausted and there were many accidents.

Liza said that they too had to return to their own missions soon.

Chapter 12: The Pirate's Base

Required Fame : 4.000

Reward : Port Permits Western Africa

'Player' received a message from Liza, saying to come to the Middleton mansion immediately after arriving in town.

'Player' arrived at the Middleton mansion. Liza has been ordered to eliminate a pirate base in Cabo Verde by Killingrew. Saying that 'Player' was esential to this mission, Liza requested that they go together.

'Player' agreed to her request and set out for the small island of Cabo Verse off the coas of West Africa. Once their preparations were finished, Gordon mentioned that they did not enough money to purchase the necessary supplies. Liza then produced the money they intended to use to pay Fredrick and said theu should use it to obtain the supplies.

On the way there, Liza saw a ship that appeared to be English heading for Spain. However, Liza did not have the time needed to stop and identify the ship.

Chapter 13: Compromise

The group arrived as Cabo Verde, where they were immediately surrounded by a group of strangers and taken away.

Thinking it to be a trap by Killingrew, the group was confused, but it was actually Frederik who appeared before them.

The pirates' real identity was the naval force fighting for the Netherlands' independence known as the Sea Brigade, of which Frederik said there were rumours that the Duke of Alba, who had been putting pressure on the Sea Brigade, and Killingrew had some kind of secret arrangement, and that Liza's mission was most definitely a trap set by them. In order to bring to light the suspicious dealings between Count Killingrew and the Duke of Alba, the group decided to rescue William, who had been unjustly arrested. And so, in order to prove the connection between the spy that served to get William arrested, they would need the letter from Killingrew addressed to the Duke of Alba.

Seeing that Liza was worried, Frederik said, "Don't worry, everything will turn out fine," and invited her for a walk. Liza and Frederik walked along the crashing waves, and were joined by Player. Liza asked Frederik about his fiancee Amalia. Frederik told her that his and Amalia's feelings were in different places. Additionally, the Sea Brigade was about the leave the island, so they should report that they accomplished their mission to destroy the pirate base. Liza and Player thanked him and prepared to leave Cabo Verde.

The sailors lamented that the Sea Brigade did not have a port that thye could use to build up their strength. Player and the others listened to their voices and found it difficult to leave them behind as set out for home.

Chapter 14: An Unreasonable Request

The Count was greatly pleased upon hearing that they had successfully carried out their mission and even rewarded Player.

Liza asked about the spy, but Killingrew replied that he had already been sent back to Spain. Killingrew then informed Liza that a verdict on her brother William would be made soon.

Player was asked by Liza to sneak into Spain and bring the spy back. And so, Player and Gordon set out to check the taverns in various towns around Spain in order to gather information.

Chapter 15: Gordon's Honeyed Tongue

In the town of Barcelona, the rumours were swirling that the Duke of Alba was overseeing the construction of a new warship.

At a tavern in town, the two found a man who appeared to be that spy that had been returned.

With a fistful of money in his hand, the spy was in high spirits. Gordon lured him outside the tavern and knocked him unconscious. They took him to the ship and then set out to return to Liza in London.

Chapter 16: Hoping to Meet the Queen

Gordon asked Player to come by later and took the spy to the Middleton mansion in order to question him.

After interrogating the spy, it was found that Count Killingrew was trying to betray England. Liza was eager to report their findings to the Queen. However, as long as they could not have an audience with the Queen, chances were high that the information would be covered up by the Count.

Player proposed that the English Navy join forces with the Sea Brigade. If the two armies could cooperate and achieve an impressive feat, then perhaps they could gain an audience with the Queen. Liza and Gordon agreed to this suggestion. In order for this plan to succeed, they would need the assistance of Frederik, so Liza began writing him a letter.

Having received the letter, Player left for Amsterdam to visit Frederik's mansion.

After arriving in Amsterdam, Player went to Frederik's mansion, where Frederik could be heard speaking passionately. Noticing Player, he joked around as usual, but there was a distant look in his eyes. Player then handed Liza's letter to him. Upon reading it, Frederik returned to his usual self and was eager to go to London and put this plan into action.

Chapter 17: A Person in Need of Convincing

Back in London, Gordon had been waiting for Player with a message from Liza. She said to first try and convince the Finance Secretary, Thomas Gresham. Player and Frederik immediately set out for the Finance Secretary's mansion in Plymouth.

The two of them recommended to the Finance Secretary Thomas that the English Navy and the Sea Brigade form an alliance. Thomas showed interest in the idea, but said that he wished to test the abilities of the pair first. Finance Secretary Thomas requested that they go back to the company district back in London and bring back the financial statements from there within the allotted time.

The London merchant ("Merchant" between bank and Port (Company District)) did not suspect anything and handed over the financial statements to the pair. Frederik asked wether it was OK to trust somebody like that even though they had never met The merchant immediately replied that he had no reason to doubt the person that saved his life. It turned out that this merchant was on board the ship that Player had rescued.

After hearing of Player's deeds, Frederik was once again impressed. With the financial statements in hand, the two of them went to return them to Finance Secretary Thomas in Plymouth.

By successfully bringing back the financial statements, Thomas recognised the ability of them both. He then promised to speak to the Queen about england and the Brigade forming an alliance.

Since it would take several days to receive a response from the Queen, Player left Frederik for the time being and waited for the day he/she would be summoned.


Several days later, Finance Secretary Thomas summoned Player to Plymouth.

Frederik was already waiting at the mansion. Finance Secretary Thomas informed them that the Queen was interested in the plan to form an alliance with the Sea Brigade. Then, the two of them were ordered to bring the commander of the Sea Brigade to London. These were the direct orders of the Queen and they had their permission to sink any ships that stood in their way. Player and Frederik hurried to the Middleton Mansion to tell Liza the news.

Liza was pleased upon hearing that she might have a chance to have an audience with the Queen. However, Frederik warned them that in addition to not knowing where the commander was, Killingrew had leaked word of the mission to the Duke of Alba, meaning they might interfere with their efforts.

For the time being the group had decided to go to Luanda, where there was a chance that the members of the Sea Brigade still remained.

Frederik said anybody who stood in their way was to be attacked immediately.

Player and the others sunk the Spanish Galleon ships patrolling the town's coastal waters and arrived in Luanda. They began looking for the members of the Sea Brigade within town. NOTE: Player must be relatively well prepared for this relatively challenging battle. 2 of the 3 Spanish Galleons must be sunk to win the battle.

There were still some members of the Sea Brigade in the town. However their Commander Egmont had already left and gone further south. The soldiers produced spoils taken in a fight with the Spanish a letter from Killingrew to the Duke of Alba and gave it to the group. With further evidence that contradicted the spy's testimony, Player and the others sailed south in order to find Commander Egmont.

Gordon spotted a ship anchored in the port at the cape. Confident it belonged to Egmont they began searching the town.

Finally, Player and the others found Commander Egmont of the Sea Brigade. Liza apologised for sinking the transport ships, but Egmont said they needed to concentrate on the future, not the past, and agreed to the alliance with the English  navy. And so he went together with Player and the rest of the group to the Royal Palace in London

Chapter 18: The Moment Has Arrived

Finally Liza was able to have her long-awaited audience with the Queen.

Frederik, Egmont and Player all headed for the Royal Palace.

The group was led to the room and given an audience with the Queen of England.

The Queen complimented the achievements of the Sea Brigades Commander, Egmont, and those of Frederik the man who brought him here. Frederik presented the gold bullion he had taken as spoils of war, but the Queen said that he could keep it as a reward. However, Frederik said that he was about to return home safely beacuse of Liza and declined the gift. Then, the Queen realised that Liza was the younger sister of Lord Middleton, which piqued her interest. Liza had finally earned the opportunity to speak about her brother's innocence.

Liza explained to the Queen about her brother, Lord Middleton's innocence The spy's confession and Killingrew's secret letter to the Duke of Alba. With these two pieces of irrefutable evidence and Lizas passion, the Queen was moved and ordered that William be released immediately and that Killingrew be arrested. The queen was quite impressed with Liza and asked that she continue to serve England faithfully.

Finally being reunited with her brother, Liza was filled with great joy. She praised Player, Frederik and the others for all the effort they had shown in their journeys together.

However a mysterious shadow was silently stalking their every move...

Chapter 19 : Orders to stop McGregor

Several days later, player received a summons from the English Royal Palace.

Upon entering the Royal Palace, Liza and Gordon were also present.

The Queen ordered that player and the others eliminate the famed pirate known as McGregor.

They had received word that he had been spotted off the eastern coast of the African continent and wished for them to work together with the Sea Brigade in order to bring him to justice.

It was also reported that McGrogor had some hidden treasure, about which Queen reminded them to remember to bring back with them.

Liza declared that the navy could carry out the mission even without the assistance of the Sea Braigade, but her siggestion was denied.

Player and Liza set out for Africa's east coast together with the members of the Sea Brigade in order to find the infamous pirate McGregor.

Having obtained valuable information about McGrgor in Zanzibar, Player began searching the coastal waters.

Chapter 20 : The Pirate Who Loved Her

Players and the others found McGregor's ship out at sea and immediately engaged it in battle.

After a fierce battle, player and the others defeated McGregor and completed their mission.

In order to question the captured McGregor, they took him back to Zanzibar.

Having been thoroughly defeated, McGregor was impressed with Liza's ability and promised to give her all of the treasure he had haorded up until now.

Liza believed  McGregor and said she was going to India herself in order to collect it. Liza asked player to negotiate with the Port Official to send along a report of their progress on the next ship bound for England.

Rumours of McGregor's defeat spread throughout the town, and player received a hero's welcome.

Down at the port, when asking about visitors from England, apparently a distinguished gentleman had been looking for player. player decided to entrust the report with that gentleman.

Chapter 21 : S​hrouded in Darkness

[NOTE: you need at least 12K Fame from Storyline (or 24K Fame without it) to open Calicut port!   Otherwise, the story will not continue]

Several days later, player heard that the gentleman had returned to town and set for the Square in order to meet him.

The distinguished gentleman was actually Finance Secretary Thomas. As the country's economy was verge of failure, he had come in order to collect McGregor's treasure. He looked over the report and then requested that player go to Calicut and help Liza recover the treasure as quickly as possible.

As player was making preparations to ship out to Calicut, Frederik approached. The Sea Brigade had been forced to leave England, so he had been forced to leave England, so he had come in search of help. After hearing about the mission to go after Liza and retrieve the treasure, Frederik said that he would follow along.

Together, the two of them left for Calicut. At the port in Calicut, player and Frederik heard people gossiping about soldiers that had to be Liza and the others. They went to search a mansion in order to find Liza's whereabouts.

Finally, the two of them were able to find Liza. However, Liza looked grim. The ship containing the treasure had run aground and her ship was unable to get near it. Unable to proceed, Frederik was unsure of what to do, while McGregor was quickly losing patience. The situation had been thrown into a state of confusion.

When the group had finally settled down, Frederik remembered a merchant in Calicut by the name of Sanjai, who was known for being very sharp. Trapped in a Faraway land with no other plan, the group decided to discuss the matter with Sanjai. The group split up and went into town in order to find information about him.

Player arrived at the sqaure and noticed that Sanjai had already been found and was in negotiations with the group. Sanjai boasted that with his organisational skills, it would be no problem to haul the treasure out from the grounded ship. However, the price for his services would not be cheap. Frederik, who simply wished to get the treasure home as quickly as possible, and McGregor, who could not stand that Frederik was in charge, began to quarrel between themselves. Finally, Liza calmed things down and agreed to Sanjai's terms. Sanjai laughed and told them to come down to the port after a while.

Later, player and the others went down to the port to see how Sanjai was faring. When Sanjai had finished, the group paid him a portion of the treasure as promised. Just as they were finally ready to return home, Sanjai called out to them from behind. He asked if they could deliver somthing to a market in Mozambique on their way home. Despite being amazed at his shrews business sense, Liza reluctantly agreed to deliver the item for him.

With their sights set on Mozambique, the crew was making their preparations when McGregor said, "That Frederik is trying to make me look bad..." HE did not like that Frederik was trying to win Liza's affections, to which Liza responded, "He's a friend," Immediately denying the accusation. McGregor refused to believe that man and woman could simply be friends and did not believe what Liza said.

After handing over Sanjai's item to the market, the group returned to the port, where they found some soldiers standing in their way. However, Liza and Frederik used their cleverness and brilliant teamwork to get by them. McGregor thought that may be these two really could "Just be friends".

Chapter 22 : A Late A​rrival

Player and the others returned to port in London. Hearing that the Queen was waiting their return, they hurried to the Royal Palace.

Liza reported to the Queen that they had defeated the pirate McGregor and also returned with the treasure.

McGregor admitted defeat and awaited orders from the Queen. The Queen quietly drew her sword and pointed its tip at McGregor's neck.

Everybody assembled froze in anticipation, and then, the Queen knighted McGregor. For apparently, the Queen had forgiven McGregor's actions. Liza was impressed with the Queen's magnanimity.

As she left the Royal Palace, she noticed that Frederik was missing. Gordon said that he had been right behind them right up until thay had reached the town, so the group headed to the port to investigate.

Player and the others arrived at the port just as Frederik's ship was arriving into the port. Along the way he had lost sight of Liza and everybody's ship and got lost. Knowing his abilities, Liza was not satified with his explanation. However, after seeing that his cargo had been unloaded, Frederik left without saying another word.

Chapter 23 : A Different Way to Live

Arriving back in London after several days, Player was informed of a summons and headed to the English Royal Palace.

The Queen had informed the group that the treasure they had obtained from McGregor was much more than anticipated. That it was more than enough to pay off the debt that the country had incurred. The Queen stated that in order to use the extra funds, she ordered that the Sea Brigade which had been hiding out in Oslo, be called back to England.

Liza said that the English navy no longer required the services of the Sea Brigade, but the Queen would hear nothing of it.

Liza had no choice but to follow orders.

Just as Liza was making preparations to ship out, she was stopped by Finance Secretary Thomas.

He agreed that although there was a large amount of treasure, it seemed small compared to the number of ships used to bring it back.

With a lingering doubt in the back of her mind, Liza set out to Oslo in order to complete her mission.

Together with Gordon, player searched for the Sea Brigade in Oslo.

Go to Oslo Tavern talk to sailor there.

Go to Pier to talk to Gordon. (The pier is in Oslo, south of the Harbor NPC, on the long wooden boardwalk. You should find Gordon there).

Eventually, player and Liza spotted Frederik and Egmont's ships in the port. Liza immediately noticed that the Sea Brigade's ships had been upgraded with new equipment since the last time they saw them. Frederik spoke vaguely about where the funds had come from, but it became clear that he had stolen some of McGregor's treasure. Liza scolded Frederik, but her talks with the Sea Brigade broke down and she announced that she was returning to London.

Disappointed, Liza began to suspect that Frederik's dedication, and even the time he had saved her life, was all a ploy in order to take advantage of England.

Report back to London

In order to explain the situation, Liza and player headed to the Royal Palace.

They reported to the Queen that they were unable to perform their mission and apologized, to which the Queen simply said there was nothing to be done about it.

After leaving the Palace, Liza claimed she was a failure as a soldier and then disappeared off to somewhere.

Chapter 24 : Dress as Pirates

(This Triggers after a long time spent at sea. Fame Req: 16000. Looks like you need to get to a port like Seville, Lisbon, Amsterdam or Nantes to get this to trigger)

Within town, rumors were swirling that the relations between the Queen of England and the Duke of Alba were growing unusually hostile.

Gets summond to report in London

Get a mission to destroy a transport of weapons to spain from Caribbean Sea (Port permits given)

Transports found just outside San Juan, made driftwood of my battle carrack though so had to request aid to complete it.

Chapter 25 : Firm Protest

(London harbor) Seeing Liza fight with such passion, McGregor fell in love with her all over again, but she turned him down.  When he asked if it was because of Frederik, Liza was adamant in her denial, perhaps even too much so.  McGregor then began to realise that something must have come between these two former friends.

Upon arriving in London, a panicked-looking man approached them suddenly.  According to him, a little while ago, a ship had entered the port and a messenger with a strange smile on his face had headed towards the Royal Palace.  With a strange feeling in the air, the group hurried to the Royal Palace.

In the audience chamber was the long lost figure of Killingrew.  Not only had he betrayed the Queen, but he had also gone to serve the Duke of Alba and returned to England as a messenger for Spain.  Killingrew accused them of orchestrating the pirate attacks in the Carribbean Sea, but the Queen simply blamed him for his defection and sent him away.

Confident that Killingrew would not give up so easily, Liza went to see what he was up to.

Chapter 26 : Independent Action

Hearing rumor that the navy had been moving in a disorderly manner, Player headed for the Middleton mansion.

When Liza learned that Killingrew had been forcing the fleet to gather together, she said she was going to report to the Queen. Liza also requested Player to accompany her to the Royal Palace

At the Royal Palace, Liza claimed that they need to launch a surprise attack against Killingrew before he had a chance to get his preparation in order.

However, the Queen firmly ordered that they wait until McGregor return from his expedition. Unable to receive recognition that the navy had been regaining in strength, Liza left the Royal Palace.

Several days later, Player was asked to come to the Middleton mansion immediately.

At the mansion, William and Gordon waited for Player with pale looks on their face. They said that Liza quit the navy and was looking to carry out the surprise attack against Killingrew's fleet by herself. Player was asked by William to stop his sister's reckless actions, and together with William and the others, set out after Liza's boat as it passed through Seville.

Player was somehow able to catch up with Liza, who was determined to launch a surprise attack on Seville.

However, despite attempts to get her to stop, she continued on, determined in her mission. Just then, Killingrew's fleet came in with a raid of their own.

He had used false information in order to lure Liza and the rest of the group out.

Thanks to the effort of the Player, the battle came to something of a pause, so Lord Middleton suggested that Liza came over to their boat.

However, just then, an enemy cannon struck, greatly injuring William with the blast. The surprise attack had failed, so the group hurried back to London.

Chapter 27: The Reason We Fight

Upon hearing that the injured Lord Middleton had been carried to the mansion, Player went to see how he was doing. However, William was tired and unable to have any visitors. Lisa refused to leave the room as she looked after her brother. She was in shock as it was her selfish actions that had led to brother being injured.

Seeing Lisa in shock, McGregor realised that the only person who could help her now was Frederick and asked Player to go and get him. Player hurried to Fredricks Mansion in Amsterdam. However the bay around Amsterdam had been closed off by a Spanish fleet.

Sneaking through a gap in the blockade, the men of the town laminated how they could not get their ships out of port. Even the Sea Brigade could not move. Hearing that Fredferick might be working on a solution, Player headed to Fredricks mansion.

Fredrick could barly hide his suprise that Player had managed to break through the blockade and make it to his mansion.

As Player explained the reason for the visit, Fredrick appeared troubled, but stated that until he was able to break up the blockade he could not leave for London.

Suddenly, Fredrick's Fiancee Amalia entered the room accompanied by an injured McGregor. Lisa, in her infinate wisdom, had decided to attack the spanish again, and hoping to stop her, he had gone along.  However they were ambushed by the Spanish, and everyone but himself had been captured.

Fredrick still hesitated to do anything, causing an exasperated McGregor to ask " Is there anything more important than saving a friend's life?" Frederick finally realised the importance of what he was loosing. Supported by Egmont, Fredrick was determined to rescue Liza.

Perhaps due to excitment of the impending attack, Fredrick excitedly hurried Player and the others down to the port.

However Fredrick was spotted by the Spainish ships and surrounded. Just as Player and the others thought the end was near, the sound of cannon fire rung out from behind them. It was Egmont and the Sea Brigade providing covering fire. As a result Fredrick was able to escape from the ships that had surrounded him.

He joined up with Player and set sail for Porto, Where the ship carrying Liza was supposedly heading.

Chapter 28: The Sea of Yesterday

The group found the ship that captured Lisa and split up in order to search Porto.

At the tavern McGregor questioned a Spanish soldier as to where they had taken Liza and the others. However, his methods were too rough and the soldier was unable to talk. Fredrick stepped in to question him instead. The soldier informed them that Liza and the others had been taken to Lisbon, so the group headed of to the port. 

Once there, however, McGregor suddenly stopped. The injuries he had suffered were greater than previously thought and it was dangerous for him to even walk.  McGregor told the group not to worry about him and concentrate on rescuing Liza, before he fell to the ground. The two of them were intent on carrying outMcGregor's request and hurried to Lisbon in order to rescue Liza.

In Lisbon, Frederick and Player searched frantically for Liza. Eventually Frederick and Player found Liza (in the Tavern) and the others and managed to rescue them.

Berfore Liza could thank them, Frederick stopped her and began to speak quietly. All he wanted was for the ocean to be a place where people could be wherever they wanted to, and that he wanted to fight side by side with Liza in order to make that dream a reality. Listening to him speak, Liza realized that what she wanted was to go back to that time when Fredick and her were young and out sea.  She vowed that she would do her all, that they may realize their dream.

So with that Frderick and Liza put their troubles behind them and together with Player and their friends, returned to London. 

Chapter 29: The Night Before The Showdown

Before long, word was delivered to Player and Fredrick, that Killingrew, had set out to attack England with a massive fleet. The two of them quickly headed for the middleton mansion.

Liza began preperations in order to repel this enemy invasion. Just then, they received a summons from the Queen. Liza, Player and McGregor quickly headed to the Royal Palace.

The Queen asked how that should defend against Killingrew. to which Liza replied she was no longer a Naval officer, and that she would simply go out as a mere pirate and attack with all her might.  Liza was worried that her plan to lead an attack alone would not be accepted.

However, the Queen turned to Liza and ordered that she returned to the English navy and lead it to victory for the sake of the country.

Chapter 30: The Battle

Once again as a naval officer, Liza set out to boldly battle, along with Fredrick, McGregor and Player. Together, they began searching for the Killingrew fleet, which was making its way north to attack London.

They finally met up with Killingrew's fleet at sea(north of Porto). The enemy sneered at the sight of Liza and the others, thinking they stood no chance against their might.

Finally, the first shots had been fired against this enemy of destiny.

Once the fiece battle had finally ended, Player and the others had defeated Killingrew's fleet. Liza,  Fredrick, MacGregor and Playerwere overjoyed with their victory. With spirits high, the group headed for their home in England.

Chapter 31: A Promise to Liza

Player and the others returned home in triumph.

William had recovered from his injuries and went out to greet them.

The group was delighted with their reunion. Additionally, Liza and Frederick had managed to return to the close friends they once were.

Then orders came from the Queen to attend an award ceremony.

However, Frederick said that the battle was not yet finished and declined to attend the ceremony. He needed to make preperations to return to the Netherlands and then he would be gone. Liza was in good spirits as she saw her close friend off on his journey.

At the Royal Palace, the ceremony began. The achievements of Liza and Player were celebrated by their gathered friends, Liza swore that she would continue fighting until the seas had been freed, just as Frderick had spoke of.

She then laughed and told Player to become the finest sailor in all of the world.