[edit] Prologue - The Journey Begins

Through trade and commerce along the Baltic Sea, the Netherlands was a highly developed nation. It was in its largest city of Amsterdam that "Player" first set out as a sailor.

Chapter 1 - Opposing Sides of an Argument

Amsterdam Square - At the time, the Netherlands was a part of Spanish territory and as a result of the Spanish Duke of Alba's heavy taxation, its people were oppressed.

A number of young people voiced their displeasure and started an independence movement, but the Duke of Alba sent his trusted officer Ines to deal with the situation.

At a square in Amsterdam a yound man named Hoorn was giving a speech before the people, explaining the need for the Netherlands to declare independence and oppose the Duke of Alba. Just then, somebody cried out that Spanish soldiers were coming. Hoorn cried for the people to stand and fight, but nobody would agree to follow him. Then a man appeared to warn Hoorn and help him escape. His name was Frederik.

Before long, Frederik and "Player" were surrounded by Spanish soldiers. The soldiers asked Frederik where Hoorn was going. He lied and was trying to confuse them when he appeared to be found out by the Spanish commander, Ines. However, "Player" managed to successfully talk out of the situation, and Ines and his men left.

Frederik was extremely impressed with "Player" and suggested they go to the tavern for a drink. His job was to deliver things from place to place, whether it be a single coffee bean or an entire warship.

Amsterdam Tavern - At the tavern, Frederik formally introduced "Player" to Hoorn, the leader of the independence movement. Upon hearing that "Player" had helped elude the Spanish soldiers, Hoorn offered an invitation to join their organisation. Frederik smoothed things over and managed to avoid further problems, as Hoorn was also trying to recruit Frederik into his group.

As "Player" was about to leave the tavern, Frederik entrusted a letter that he wanted delivered to Count Egmont at the Governor's Mansion.

At the Governor's Mansion, a merchant appealed to Count Egmont, asking how long he was willing to tolerate Spain's meddling in their affairs. Egmont explained to them the Netherlands did not have the power to oppose Spain, and if they incurred the wrath of the Duke of Alba, their attempts at independence would never succeed. In the face of such a timid attitude, the merchant abandoned his appeal.

"Player" delivered the letter to Egmont. In it, the Sarmiento Company of Portugal refused to pay support to Egmont, who was disappointed by the news since he had hoped to put an end to Spain's interference in their affairs. However, he required the money in order to do so. There were few who could understand what Egmont was thinking, use of force person was there, and the Duke of Alba's involvement just spurred on. "Player" sympathised with Egmont's plight and left Governor's Mansion.

History book received by Egmont.

Chapter 2 - Memories of Youth

After 30 or more sailing days from the end of Chapter 1 have passed

Amsterdam Port, in front of the fountain - Several days later, "Player" met up with Frederik again, who was on his way to Hamburg in order to pick up an item that he was requested to get. Since his ship was not large enough to carry the item, so he asked for assistance. Frederik's ship was built for speed and as such, had a small hold.

Hamburg Shipyard - The two of them arrived in Hamburg and went in search of the black market merchant Ter Borch that was in charge of making the deal.

They found Ter Borch and accepted the cargo. Just then, a voice called out to Frederik from behind.

It was Gordon of the English Navy. Frederik was old friends with William, the Lord of Middleton, and his younger sister Liza. Upon learning that Liza was in town, Frederik told Gordon that he would like to see her again. Just then, loud voices emanted from the port. Together, Frederik and Gordon went to see what the commotion was about.

At the port, it appeared as if Frederik's ship was going to be confiscated by some Spanish soldiers. Sensing danger, Frederik decided to give up on his meeting with Liza and told Gordon that he was going to hide himself. Before he left, he asked if "Player" could take the package he had received and deliver it to Hoorn for him.  (Hoorn will be at the southwestern fountain in Amsterdam.)

Chapter 3 - Incompatible Philosophies

Amsterdam Square - "Player" went to make the delivery to Hoorn, who was quite delighted upon hearing that "Player" had delivered the cargo on Frederik's behalf.

20,000D received

Then, a soldier that supported Hoorn came up to them and said that there were a number of young men who wished to join the organisation. Hoorn asked "Player" to go and check on what kind of people these young men were and then set out for the alley behind the craft shop.

Hoorn told the young men that in order to win their independence, it would require firm measures. The young men appeared interested, having prepared themselves to face danger. Just then, another Hoorn supporter arrived and told him that Egmont was criticising Hoorn down at the tavern. Enraged, Hoorn ran off to the tavern.

Egmont told Hoorn's young supporters that rather than take action now, they should instead be building up their strength. Seeing this, Hoorn became angry with Egmont and yelled at him for trying to deceive friends. Egmont criticised the way Hoorn did things and then fled the tavern.

Chapter 4 - Frederik's Recommendation

After 30 or more sailing days from the end of Chapter 3 have passed

Den Helder - Later one day, "Player" anchored in Helder and happened to run into Frederik. After they had parted in Hamburg, he had somehow managed to elude the Spanish soldiers. When "Player" told Frederik that Hoorn and Egmont were fighting, he presented a memo and asked that it be given to Egmont.

Amsterdam Governor's Mansion - After reading the memo he received from "Player", Egmont asked to be immediately taken to Frederik's mansion (Frederik Estate, Amsterdam).  The memo stated that the Duckett Company in London was willing to finance him.

Frederik's Mansion - Unable to hide his exuberance, Frederik told Egmont that the talk about financing was all a lie. Egmon was furious. Frederik said asking merchants for money in order to gain independence would be impossible if they did not trust him first. He recommended that he and Hoorn join forces and gather some troops in order to build up that trust with the merchants. However, just then one of Egmont's men approached with a report.

Apparently, Hoorn had attacked the Spanish soldiers again. Upon hearing that the governor-general was cornered, Egmont grew pale. "I cannot partner with someone who has no perspective", he said as he left Frederik's mansion.

Frederik sighed and said he would simply have to wait for another opportunity to convince him.

15,000D received

40 trade fame gained

Chapter 5 - The Source of Conflict

After 30 or more sailing days from the end of Chapter 4 have passed

Amsterdam Port - Due to the attack by Hoorn, Ines had gained an excuse to come down hard on the Netherlands. And so she began to arrest people that were involved with the independence movement. "Player" was also stopped in town by being arrested. However, Frederik came to the rescue.

With no chance to even catch a breath, some sailors came to Frederik for help. Apparently, supporters for both Hoorn and Egmont had started some trouble at the tavern. "Just what do you think you're doing?!" said Frederik as he stormed off to the tavern.

When "Player" arrived at the tavern, the fight had already begun. Frederik was attempting to hear both sides of the story.

Frederik listened to the supporters of both Hoorn and Egmont. He told the young men on both sides that they needed to try and accept the other side's point of view.

It seemed that the reason for the disagreement between the two sides was because Hoorn had slandered Egmont, who had in turn, deceived Hoorn. Frederik knew that Hoorn and Egmont had once been good friends, so he went to find their commander in order to find out why their relationship had taken a turn for the worse. And so they set out for Calais, where Hoorn was hiding.

Calais Port, then Tavern - "Player" and Frederik were reunited with Hoorn, whose organisation seemed to be struggling with raising funds. Setting that aside, Frederik asked about the falling out with Egmont. Hoorn began talking about how it was not him who had been deceived, but his sister Amalia. Egmont was in love with Amalia, but suddenly one day, he said he was leaving her and disappeared. Amalia prayed everyday in attempt to mend her broken heart.

The two had learned a piece of valuable information from Hoorn. Next, they set out to meet with Egmont at the Governor's Mansion in Amsterdam.

After arriving at Egmont's location the pair asked about his past with Amalia. Egmont saw the suffering of the people under Duke of Alba's oppressive rule and vowed to give his all to the independence movement, which is why he had to tell Amalia that he no longer wished to see her.

Upon learning that Amalia was the reason for their dispute, the pair decided to ask her directly about the truth behind the situation. As Hoorn had mentioned that Amalia had devoted her life to prayer, they set out towards the church to find her.

Chapter 6 - A Woman of Flourish

As they suspected, Amalia was worshipping at the church. She believed that Egmont would one day return to her and had therefore continued praying all this time. "Player" and Frederik asked her about Egmont.

Amalia cried at relieving the painful separation. She said that Egmont had abandoned her and left for another woman. Frederik tried to tell her that she was making a mistake, but Amalia could not her him through her grief.

However, Amalia was moved at seeing Frederik desperately try to convince her of the truth. She said that she had a favour to ask of them and if they helped her with this matter, she would trust them. She asked if they would go to their enemy Spain and purchase a gold-embroidered shawl.

Agreeing to Amalia's request, "Player" and Frederik made arrangements to set sail for Spain.

At the port , an official asked Amalia where she was going, to which she replied she was going to Spain to do some shopping. Suddenly, a man who had been listening to their conversation came up, looking to start a fight, saying that their actions benefited their enemy. However, Frederik used his quick wit to get them out of the situation. And so, the group was able to leave Amsterdam without further incident.

"Player" and the others purchased a gold-embroidered shawl from a peddler in Valencia. Having obtained the object of her desire, Amalia recommended that the peddler do business in the Netherlands as well. The peddler laughed, saying he might do so if the Netherlands were to be conquered by Spain. Amalia found herself troubled by those words.

50,000D paid

60 adventure fame gained

With the objective accomplished, the group headed back to the Netherlands.

After returning home, Amalia promished to live up to her word and support Frederik fully. Hopefully having found a way to make peace between Hoorn and Egmont, Frederik invited "Player" and Amalia to his home in order to plan their next move.

50,000D received

Back at his house Frederik proposed a plan. They would devise way to force Hoorn and Egmont to meet, and then they would convince them to end this quarrel. It was all or nothing, since if this plan failed, relations between the two men would grow even worse.

However, "Player" approved of the idea and headed to the Governor's Mansion in order to invite Egmont.

Chapter 7 - Compromise

Once arriving at the Governor's Mansion, "Player" told Egmont of Amalia's misunderstanding. Feeling relieved, "Player" handed over fake documents inviting Egmont from the Governor's Mansion and leading him to a tavern in Bordeaux where the meeting between Egmont and Hoorn was to take place.

At the tavern in Bordeaux, Hoorn and Egmont were surprised by their unexpected meeting, and began arguing over Amalia.

Just then, Frederik arrived, bringing Amalia along with him. Amalia pleaded with both men to stop fighting, as the whole thing had started due to her misunderstanding. Egmont and Hoorn were clearly surprised to see her.

And just like that, Frederik had laid out the problem that existed between the commander Hoorn and the government official Egmont. If the two of them would join forces, he argued to cover each other's weaknesses. Those words seemed to move Egmont and Hoorn. Finally, they promised to join forces on the condition that the activities would be funded.

Having finally brokered peace, Frederik and "Player" hurried to meet with Bicker the Mogul in order to try and secure funding for the independence movement organisation's activities.

Frederik presented his case for funding the independence movement organisation to Bicker the Mogul. However, Bicker showed little interest in the topic. But, once he learned that Frederik joined Hoorn and Egmont together, his eyes began to sparkle. And so, Frederik successfully managed to raise the necessary funds.

60 trade fame gained

With funding for their activities, Hoorn and Egmont lived up to their promise and joined forces. A new organisation known as the Sea Brigade was formed, with Hoorn in command and Egmont serving as advisor. And so, a new chapter was to be written in the history of the Netherlands independence movement.

Frederik had accomplished the fear of forming the Sea Brigade. However, he said he would leave Hoorn and Egmont in charge of the organisation and that he would return to his own work. Upon which, Amalia said, "I have found a new love", and went with him.

After 30 or more sailing days have passed, outside the port of Amsterdam, near Den Helder

Dialogue with Hoorn - The Sea Brigade began its activities. It is said that they thoroughly repelled any approaching enemy fleets. "Player" heard that Commander Hoorn was patrolling the coastal waters of Amsterdam.

"Player" met up with Hoorn's ship. Just then, a ship was spotted that was believed to be the enemy's and they engaged in battle. Hoorn requested assistance from "Player" in order to deal with the threat.

Battle with Spanish fleet outside the port of Amsterdam

Master Carpentry Tools received after the battle has ended

Impressively, "Player" and Sea Brigade defeated the enemy fleet. Hoorn said that in order to advance their war against the Duke of Alba, he was heading for the north bay, and then left "Player's" side.

Due to the efforts of the Sea brigade, the Netherlands was able to push aside the threat from Spain. Amsterdam revelled in its new independence and the town was full of energy.

Chapter 8 - Increasing the Pressure

After 30 or more sailing days from the end of chapter 7 have passed Amsterdam Port - One day, "Player" learned that the town was short on medicine. The Spanish Army was increasing its activities and a number of injured had turned up. "Player" set out for Frederik's mansion in order to learn what was going on.

Within the mansion, Frederik had a bitter expression on his face as he discussed matters with Hoorn and Egmont. The Spanish Army's campaign against the Sea Brigade had begun in earnest and due to that, a number of injured people had increased.

Frederik declared that in order to deal with the increasing number of injured, they would need to obtain more medicine. And so he asked "Player" to go and purchase some medicine in Alexandria.

"Player" began making arrangements to set sail for Alexandria. Due to the urgency of the mission, Frederik asked that no time be wasted once a port permit for the East Mediterranean Sea was in hand.

Disguise needed to enter Alexandria can be purchased from Tunis' shopkeeper

Alexandria Market - "Player" and Frederik arrived in Alexandria. The merchant they were looking for did not have his own shop and was instead a street peddler.

Upon finding the peddler, Frederik immediately began the negotiations. As a negotiating tactic, he said that in addition to the medicine, he was looking to purchase food and other daily necessities, whice gave him an advantage in the talks. Finally, the peddler agreed to the deal. Having obtained the necessary medicine, the pair prepared to return to Amsterdam.

Once back at the port, the official recommended that they report their results to the governor-general. And so, "Player" headed to the Governor's Mansion while Frederik went to meet up with the Sea Brigade in oreder to report their findings.

"Player" had an audience with the Governor of the Netherlands. The Governor was relieved upon hearing that they had been able purchase the medicine and gave "Player" a reward for a job well done.

30,000D reward received from Governor

Book received

100 trade fame gained

Chapter 9 - An Unfortunate Reunion

After 30 or more sailing days from the end of chapter 8 have passed

A few days later, "Player" met with a Sea Brgade sailor in a tavern in Amsterdam. Asked about how things were going, the sailor said something that caused some concern. Having a bad feeling about things, "Player" left the tavern after hearing that Hoorn and Egmont had left for Frederik's mansion.

At Frederik's mansion, Frederik had received a request from Hoorn and Egmont. That request was to investigate the location of the Sea Brigade transport ship that was carrying the medicine and they had lost contact with near the Strait of Gibraltar. Hoorn and Egmont also asked "Player" to assist as well, to which "Player" agreed.

At a tavern in Ceuta, "Player" and Frederik discovered some information about the transport ship. The ship had sunk and the injured sailors were recovering in town.Coincidentally, just then a Sea Brigade soldier appeared.

Upon listening to the soldier's story, Frederik froze. The transport ship had been sunk by one Middleton's ships in the English Navy.

Disturbed by this shocking turn of events, Frederik and "Player" hurried to Middleton's mansion in London in order to confiorm what really happened.

After arriving in London, Frederik hurried over to the Middleton's mansion. Shocked by this unexpected visitor, Liza listened to Frederik explain that the ship she had sunk belonged to the independence movement. Knowing that the organisation fought on behalf of the Netherlands' position and for its freedom and future, Liza swooned. Surprised, Frederik and Gordon left the mansion in order o bring back a doctor to attend to her.

As they were leaving the mansion, a Sea Brigade soldier came up before Frederik and Gordon. He reported that Ines had led a Spanish fleet up to Amsterdam's coastal waters. Frederik was forced to attend with the Sea Brigade's response and left on his own. Meanwhile, "Player" and Gordon quickly found a doctor and brought him back to the Middleton's mansion. He claimed that Liza was working too hard and prescribed that she rest at home for a while.

60 adventure fame gained

Liza was distraught at having inflicted such heavy damage on the independence movement and causing suffering to the people of the Netherlands. Hoping to somehow make up for what she had done, she told "Player" that she had sent Gordon to go and obtain the medicines that had been sunk with the ship.

As "Player" was leaving the Middleton's mansion, Liza requested that Frederik continue to be looked after, to which "Player" cheerfully agreed to do so.

Chapter 10 - Overcoming Grief

At the Amsterdam port, "Player" was stopped by a Sea Brigade soldier. In the battle with the Spanish Army, something apparently had happened to Hoorn. "Player" hurried to Frederik's mansion, where everybody was waiting.

Upon being led to the back room, "Player" noticed Hoorn being surrounded by Frederik, Egmont and Amalia. He had been severely injured in the last battle. However, Hoorn had no regrets for the days he had spent leading the Sea Bigade. And with his last breath, he said "To live with your held high is a task more difficult than death itself", before passing away.

The people within the mansion were enveloped with sadness at Hoorn's death. Just then, one of Egmont's men came rushing over. The Duke of Alba had been increasing pressure on the parliament to exile the Sea Brigade from the country. Having lost both military strength and credibility, the Sea Brigade was forced to wander about until it could find a new port of call.

Just as "Player" was about to leave, Frederik came up to talk. Although he was relieved to hear that Liza was recovering, his expression turned dark when he heard tha her brother William had been arrested. And so, before he left, he asked "Player" to find out what was going on

Chapter 11 - False Charges

"Player will go to london and speak a merchant at the fountain square, the merchant will tells "Player" he knows little about williams arrest, he advices you to go to the tavern and ask there.

Next go to London Tavern and speak with Angela. there you ask for the circumstances around williams arrest. Angela will tell you: "Lord William Middleton was arrested by count Killingrew, a close associate to Her Majesty the queen. The count now apparently is Lady Liza's superior officer. There must be something deeper." she advices you to visit the palace.

Go to royal palace and talk to the guard. (you will have to pay a small bribe) 1000D, the guard will tell you:"Let me fill you in. William was imprisoned for conspiring against Her Majesty. A Spanish spy that was captured testified that he was plotting the downfall of the empire. Thats all you need to know, right? Now leave!

Return to Amsterdam you will be greeted as you enter port by a youth and a merchant. They will say: (youth)"Oh, it's you! long time no see. We finally received some medical supplies. We're not sure who or where they're from, but somebody sure has a lot to sell. They really saved our skins."(merchant)"Now we have enough to treat the children. I thought it was hopeless untill this miracle came along."

Go to Frederik Estate and speak with Amalia. she will say:"Oh, "Player". Good to see you. Frederik told me not to let anybody know where he went, but I'm sure it's okay to tell you, "Player". He headed with the others from the Sea brigade to an Island called Cabo Verde.Ever since we got Engaged I've been watching over things here." (talk to her again)"One of the men from the Sea Brigade said he would tell Frederik that the medical supplies reached the city.I wonder who brought them... It couldn't have been you, "Player"--right?

Head to Cabo Verde.

Chapter 12 - A Brigade is Born

While making preparations to ship out, "Player" heard a rumor that the Duke of Alba had dispatched his fleet in order to search for the Sea Brigade base.

Find Frederik and Egmont in Cabo Verde. Tell them about Alba's warships.

'5000 total fame required to unlock West Africa port permits' Go to Cabo Verde, an Island west of Arguin.

'50,000D and 100 battle fame gained.'

In addition, tell Frederik the details about William's arrest. He will tell you he suspects some connection between Count Killingrew and the Duke of Alba. Meanwhile, Egmont is voted the new commander of the Sea Brigade, and he immediately orders the Brigade to move further south, away from the Duke of Alba's incoming warships.

Talk to the Sea Brigade sailor near the port official in Cabo Verde. The sea brigade soldier reports an unidentified fleet approaching. With the main fleet away from Cabo Verde, there is no use fighting them at sea. Therefore, Frederik orders that they plan an ambush on land instead.

The ambush succeeds, and the enemy crew is captured and taken to a mansion in Cabo Verde. Head to the mansion and enter it. Inside the mansion, "Player" finds Liza and Gordon. It appeared Liza had come by orders of Count Killingrew. After a brief conversation, they agree that they have to find the Spanish spy that got William arrested.

Exit the mansion and continue the conversation with William and Liza.

Liza and Gordon set out to find the spy, while William set out to help the Sea Brigade. Speak with the Ocean Brigade Soldier at the port official. He will tell you the Sea Brigade is heading for Luanda.

Return to Amsterdam.

Chapter 13 - Seeking an Audience

Upon arrival, a merchant tells you that Spain has sent an envoy to the parliament, requesting anyone involved with the Sea Brigade to be turned in.

Go to Frederik's house. Frederik fears that the Sea Brigade will not be able to return to Amsterdam with the Spanish envoy being present. Therefore, he devises a plan that involves the British navy. During the conversation, Liza enters Frederik's house and asks for the Sea Brigade's help in reinforcing the British navy. Frederik spots an opportunity and asks you to bring him to London.

Head to London and enter the Middleton Estate. Gordon will tell you that Liza is not present, but that she told you to meet Thomas Gresham, the Finance minister.

Find Thomas Gresham in his mansion in Plymouth. Thomas asks you to take some finance charts from London within 15 days as proof for your sailing abilities.

Head back to London and collect the financial statements from a Merchant found in the company district, north of the central square. Return the financial statements to Thomas Gresham in Plymouth.

Thomas Gresham gives you an Angel Clock as a reward. You will also receive 100 trade fame. He tells you to wait a few days.

A messenger in London will tell you that Thomas Gresham wants to meet you in his estate. Go back to Plymouth and meet with Thomas. He informs you that the Queen is interested in the alliance, but she wants to meet the Sea Brigade's commander, Egmont. Gresham asks Frederik to find him and bring him to England. Frederik agrees, and he asks you to go back to Amsterdam to prepare for the journey. He and Liza will be standing in front of the fountain that is by the tavern.

Return to Amsterdam.

Chapter 14 - Pursuit in the tropics

'In Amsterdam, Player met up with Gordon, Frederik and Liza. Liza and the other were exited at using this opportunity to clear the false charges that had been leveled by Lord Middleton. The group headed to Luanda in southern Africa to meet up with the Brigade

When leaving Amsterdam Port:

At about that time, a civilian ship from the Netherlands has been attacked by a spanish patrol fleet in the harbour. Frederik was unwilling to let this act go unpunished and using the permission of the Queen of England as a shield, decided to strike back.

Player, together with Liza, engage a spanish fleet of 4 light galleon outside Amsterdam harbour.

Player and the others impressively managed to defeat the enemy fleet. Amongst the spoils of war, they found a letter writtten in a secret code.

In a dialog after the fight, the party decide to have Gordon decipher the letter proceed to Luanda as planned.

The group eventually arrived in Luanda. Howeer, the spanish fleet was closing in on their location.

Player and the Ocean Brigade intercept and defeat the persuers outside Luanda port. Back in Luanda, the group queried a Brigade soldier about Egmonts whereabouts.

'50,000D and 100 Battle Fame gained.'

Soldier told the party that Duke of Alba already learned about Egmont being in Luanda and that Egmont sailed south to find another port.

When they left port, Gordon came up with news that the coded letter has been deciphered and that it links de Alba to count Killingrew. They immediately set off to follow Egmont south.

As they arrived in Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa, Gordon spotted Egmonts warship in the port. In a mansion in town, they met Egmont again. Egmont agreed with the plan to join forces with England an so the party immediately set sails to London to meet the Queen in the royal palace.

At the royal palace, the group had an audience with the Queen, who proposed in exchange for the Brigade guard the coast, be allowed to use the port of London freely. She then rewarded Frederik for having orchestrated to join forces. However, he politely declined, saying that the person who truly deserved the credit was <Player>. An in addition, he also named Liza as well. Liza then used the opportunity to bring the false charges against her brother.

50,000D and 100 Battle Fame gained.

<Player> speaks to the Earl of Sussex again to present the letter of proof to the Queen.

The spy and Duke of Alba's secret letter. With these two pieces of irrefutable evidence, even the Queen herself was forced to admit that a mistake has been made and ordered William to be released immediately. The Queen apologised for her mistake and Liza formally pledged her loyality to her.

The group left the royal palace and wishing each other luck on their upcoming efforts, went their seperate ways. Once again, <Player> and Frederik went back to Amsterdam for the time being.

The message of Egmonts return brought the independence movement back to live again. Frederik returned to his work to gather much needed arms and ammunition for the upcoming fight.

Chapter 15 - Living with heads held high

After a few days at sea <Player> met a youth on the central plaza in Amsterdam. He ordered weapons from Frederik that where not delivered. In Frederik's estate <Player> agreed to deliver war funds to the Brigade in London.

However, at the port in London, the Brigade sailors got into a dispute with an English inspector. The anger amongst the crew was beginning to erupt as England refused to even so much as thank them, let alone pay for the ship's maintenance, despite the fact that the crew was risking its life on a daily basis. Despite the volatile situation, the leader Egmont simply apologised for the behaviour of his crew and managed to defuse the situation.

Upon receiving the funds from <Player>, Egmont thanked Frederik for sensing the predicament they were in. And as thanks for delivering the money, Egmont invited Player to the tavern.

Egmont was pleased to hear from Player that support for the independence movement was growing back home. However, the crew themselves were troubled. That was because they had neither the ability nor the resources to help the independence movement back home while they were stuck guarding the English coast. Ever since the death of their former commander Hoorn, things had been difficult for the Brigade as they were forced to wander aimlessly about. And once they finally felt they had found a home in the North Sea, they were forced to go each day working without pay. In response to a soldier who asked, "Just how long do we have to wait here?", Egmont said that the time would come eventually. Just then, a messenger arrived with urgent news. Spain had discovered a mine in the Indies and a transport fleet would be leaving there carrying gold bullion. If they could steal that gold, the sailors felt that they could get by living in the port at their own expense. However, Egmont explained that because they did not have sufficient military strength to send out an expedition that far, he decided to pass on the attack. He ordered the men to get some rest for the patrol of the cost the following day and then took his leave.

The next day, Player was secretly handed a letter from the port official. It was a letter from Egmont to Frederik. The letter explained how he felt regret for putting his men in such a harsh situation and that he had decided to attack this transport fleet in order to help make up for it. Frederik was astonished after reading the letter for he was always looking for ways to make money and had heard nothing about gold in the Indies. Basically, the talk of this transport fleet must be a trap by the enemy. Player and Frederik hurried to London in order to get Egmont to reconsider the attack.

However, Egmont had already abandoned his mission protecting the coast and had headed for the Indies. The message that Egmont left with the inspector filled Frederik with a sense of dread at the lengths Egmont was willing to go to. "If we are ever going to be able to live with our heads held high, then we can't let this opportunity slip away." "Live with our heads held high," were the words that the former commander Hoorn had said when he died. "I can't let him die." The two of them set out for Havana Harbour, where the Brigade was headed.

At Havana, Egmont was there waiting for his moment to attack. Frederik tried to convince Egmont of the need to be careful. Then, word arrived that the Spanish fleet had appeared. The ships that appeared were not transport ships, but fully armed warships. It was just as Frederik had initially feared. The Brigade used its superior mobility to scatter the enemy fleet and escape. They decided to meet up in seas near Santo Domingo.

Chapter 16 - In pursuit of Ines

Somehow managing to escape from certain doom, the members of the Brigade and <Player> met up in Santo Domingo. However, there was a ship that had followed them there. It was the Spanish officer Ines's fleet. Her flagship was a high-speed vessel that she had once seized from Frederik. Thanks to the efforts of <Player>, they were able to defeat Ines although the Brigade suffered heavy casualties. As there were insufficient facilities to deal with the injured in the Indies, the fleet quickly made its way back to London.

Finally, they arrived in London and went in search of help. However, the town's citizens ignored the members of the Brigade for having abandoned their patrol of the coast. Realising that they were getting nowhere, Frederik and the others went in search of somebody who could help them. Upon going to Middleton's mansion, Liza and Lord Middleton were away on a mission, so the mansion and its staff were all gone. Egmont said, "I have a plan," and with a serious look on his face, left the mansion.

In front of the gates to the Royal Palace, Egmont asked the palace guard to help attend to the wounded. The guard refused, not wanting to be accused of abandoning his post, until a man came up and said that life was precious and should be treated with respect. It was Finance Secretary Thomas. Thanks to the efforts of Thomas, the Royal Palace guard moved and he was able to save most of the wounded. Egmont thanked Thomas for his kindness and also apologised for letting them down. In responses, Thomas confessed that an inspector in charge of the Brigade had been embezzling supplies, saying it was them that had let Egmont down. And then, he said, 'There is, in fact, one other thing which I must apologise to you for' , and then he led Player and the others to the Royal Palace. According to Thomas, the Queen had suddenly decided to annul their agreement with the Brigade. The reason for this decision was apparently that the Duke of Alba had sent a letter stating he would invade England if they did not banish the Brigade from their shores. Thomas apologised for the Queen's change of heart and informed Egmont that his men were to leave London as soon as their injuries had healed. Egmont blamed himself for getting his men into this predicament which had now left them with no place to go. Frederik attempted to cheer him up, saying the Queen was famous for her duplicity and that it was only a matter of time before she betrayed them anyway. He then suggested to <Player> that the Brigade look for a new port of call so they would not have to leave the North Sea. According to Frederik, towns north of Hamburghad numerous free ports that were part of the Hanseatic League and there was a possibility that they could anchor there without being asked too many questions. So, for the time being, they went to try their luck at one of the ports in Scandinavia. Finally, in Oslo, the two found a place that was willing to listen to them. However, the leader of the town merchants demanded a large sum of money for being able to stay there, which appeared to lead to endless negotiations. Frederik decided to remain in the town for the time being and try to negotiate a lower rate for the port. He said he would be in touch if anything developed and then left.

60,000D and 100 Battle Fame (or 170 Trade Fame) gained.

Chapter 17 - Pirate's treasure

Several days later, Player was summoned by Lord Middleton. Arriving in London, Frederik had also been summoned there. Lord Middleton stated that he would like to ask them to help him take care of something. The job was to help transport some treasure. It seemed that the pirate in Africa that Liza had subjugated possessed a large amount of hidden treasure and it was too much for her to carry back alone. Frederik declined the job, saying it was more important that he find a port for the Brigade to stay in. However, Lord Middleton offered him a deal. If the two of them agreed to take on this job, he would agree to extend the Brigade's stay in London and would pay them a handsome reward as well. In actuality, this was the Queen's idea. While she was driving the Brigade away, she was at the same time taking advantage of their weakness in order to have them do what she wanted. Frederik was a bit amazed at the Queen's severe way of getting things done. However, as it stood, they did not have a way to obtain the money necessary to pay for anchoring at the port. The two of them decided to take the job for the present in order to buy themselves some time after <player> and lord middleton convince frederik at Middleton estate. Meeting Egmont at the port, he asked that communication with the independence movement supporters back home be kept intact and then he took his ship out and set sail for Zanzibar, where Liza awaited.

They eventually arrived in Zanzibar, but were unable to find Liza. According to the port official, Liza had shouted out that there was treasure hidden in India and set out for Calicut.

The two of them arrived at Calicut and met up with Liza (in the mansion) . However, Liza had not found any treasure. It seems that there was some treasure in a bay near town, but the viceroy had built a vacation home there, meaning they were unable to approach the area. Hoping to receive permission to enter the bay, Frederik went to the town palace. Frederik attempted to bribe the Gatekeeper in order to get through the gate. However, this had the opposite effect as the Gatekeeper became enraged and demanded that the group leave the premises immediately.  (go to Square)  With the situation getting worse, Frederik and Liza began to worry. Just then, a large and portly man came by. The man, whose name was Sanjai, boasted that he could talk the viceroy into letting them through. He was a licensed merchant that had the exclusive rights to deals within town thanks to the viceroy's orders. Upon hearing the circumstances of their situation, Sanjai promised to speak on their behalf. However, in exchange for doing so, he demanded 1/5th of their haul as payment. Liza agreed to the conditions, so the group went and waited back at their quarters(mansion). Shortly thereafter, Sanjai came up to them and told them that he had spoken to the viceroy. The cargo was ready for raising, so the group headed down to the port. For some reason, even though they were paying customers, Player were required to help with the raising of the cargo. However, they were able to bring up half of the treasure. Once Sanjai had received his share, he had a very satisfied look on his face and left. For the remaining half of the treasure, Liza said she would remain to bring up the rest. Player and Frederik then went on ahead to London.

Chapter 18 - A gift of god

Player and Frederik arrived in London, where they were met by some Brigade sailors with bitter looks on their faces. England had ordered the Brigade to immediately leave London. The two of them headed to the tavernin order to hear the details of the situation. According to the soldiers, due to a mistake on England's side, a letter to the independence movement back home had fallen into the hands of the Duke of Alba. Upon learning that the Brigade was still hiding out in London, the Duke was furious which forced the Queen to banish the Brigade. The sailors lamented at having to go on the run once again. With a distressed look on his face, Frederik asked Player to open up the treasure cargo. And then, he gave half of the treasure to the sailors and taking Egmont with him, fled to Oslo.

After the sailors had left, Frederik said that it was the only way to save the Brigade and the Netherlands. <Player> and Frederik then went to deliver the remaining treasure to Middleton's mansion. Upon receiving the treasure, Lord Middleton seemed to notice something for a moment. However, without saying anything, he accepted the treasure and moved to give them their reward. Frederik refused and after giving a curt farewell, left the room. Outside the mansion, Frederik said self-loathingly, 'Judas betrayed Christ in exchange for 30 shekels of silver.' Just then, Egmont appeared. 'I never imagined you could do something like that!' Egmont hit Frederik, who did not attempt to evade the blows, instead saying, 'If you call this acting like a thief, would you rather let everyone in the Brigade die like dogs? And give up on winning your independence? Is that what you want to say?' Seeing that Egmont had trouble replying, Frederik continued, 'That treasure was given to us from God. If you don't agree to use it, we'll receive an even greater punishment from above.' Egmont seemed filled with anxiety as he got up and left. With the treasure in hand, the Sea Brigade set out for Oslo.

After arriving, they headed to the town merchant's house. After receiving the treasure, the merchant leader approved the Brigade to stay in the port.They immediately set out in patrol when a ship bearing the English flag approached them. It was Liza's ship. Liza showed a frank indignation towards Frederik. Asking about the situation, she said that the Queen was considering the talk of reforming the alliance between England and the Brigade. However, Frederik listed up the acts the Queen had committed against the Brigade and declined the proposal. He coldly replied that if the Brigade could not trust England, then they did not need their assistance. In response, Liza could not stand it any longer and blamed Frederik's theft of the treasure. However, Frederik refused to give in, saying that he did not have any choice in the matter. 'So this is what it means to be a thief' said Liza as she stormed off. Egmont came up and was worried about the rift between Frederik and Liza. Frederik replied, "If that unmanageable shrew remains at that all-important moment when the Duke of Alba begins the battle in earnest, it will surely spell trouble." Egmont recognised that the previous indifference he had shown was his way of not getting Liza involved in the conflict and understood it as Frederik's way of showing understanding and smiled at his clumsiness. Then, he asked <Player> to begin make preparations for the impending war and set out on patrol.

Several [30+] days later on a street corner [at the harbor fountain] in Amsterdam, Player received a request to come to the Governor's Mansion. Upon arriving at the official Estate, Player was led to the governor-general's room, where he ordered that Egmont be brought before him. After hearing the order to appear at the Governor's Mansion, the Brigade sailors suspected that the governor-general was planning on arresting Egmont. However, Frederik stated that was a good opportunity for them and said they should obey the order.

After speaking to Egmont in Oslo tavern, <Player> and the two of them set out for Amsterdam.

At last, Egmont had returned home. When the people in town saw his face, they could not believe that it was actually him. Upon arriving at the Governor's Mansion, the governor-general apologised for all that the members of the Brigade had been put through. Then, in order for the Netherlands to achieve its independence, he revealed a secret plan for the 7 states of the north to form an alliance and rise up in unison. It was decided that the Sea Brigade would support this uprising from the sea. Finally, the governor-general had made the move to secure their independence. Egmont was filled with great emotion. <Player>, Frederik and Egmont went their own separate ways to prevent from alerting Spain to the impending uprising. They were to meet up one month later in the port of Amsterdam. The three swore to ensure that the governor-general's plan would be a success.

After 30 days at sea ...

Chapter 19 - The duty of a warrior

Several days later, when <Player> returned to Amsterdam, the battle had already begun. Faced with the sudden armed resistance, the Spanish army stationed there had no choice but to retreat. Everything was going according to the plan. The Brigade, along with <Player> and the others, were assigned to defend the coast. <Player> and the others were ordered to patrol the front lines along the coast for 10 days in order to prevent the Spanish Navy from joining up with the forces already stationed there. (There will be no battle during the 10 days. Simply return to port when the days have passed).

However, during those 10 days, Egmont began to doubt whether the Spanish fleet would ever show themselves. Aside from his doubts, the citizens of Amsterdam were overjoyed that their country had taken the first steps on the path towards independence. The Brigade revelled in the glory of their achievement. Just then, a messenger from the Governor's Mansion arrived. According to information the governor-general had obtained, the day the resistance began, Ines's fleet that was stationed in Antwerp had returned to Seville instead of coming to the assistance of the Spanish garrison under attack from the resistance. In order to find out what Spain was really up to, the governor-general ordered that <Player> and Frederik infiltrate Sevilleand find some answers. <Player> and Frederik arrived in Seville where Frederik found his ship that had been confiscated by Ines. However, upon boarding it, they were found by a Spanish officer. In a very innocent manner, Frederik bribed the officer and began asking about the owner of the boat. The officer immediately began complaining about his superior officer Ines. Ever since she had returned from Flanders, she quarrelled with her commander and took out her frustration on the fleet, making life difficult for everybody with her overly strict rules.

The two of them set out to look for somebody who knew the details of the confrontation between Ines and her commander. At the tavern, they encountered some officers who were discussing the recent trends on the Netherlands front lines. Listening in on their conversation, they learned that Ines had been ordered back home by the order of the Duke of Alba. However, then Ines herself arrived. In order to rescue the ground troops that had fled at Flanders, she had requested that the Duke of Alba attack. However, the Duke of Alba stated that because the army's leaders had ignored his orders and refused to attack. Furious with how the Duke of Alba was always worried about appearances and ignored the lives of his people, Ines ignored orders and set out to attack. 'However, I must first deal with these sneaky little rats that are about me.' Ines suddenly spun towards Player and the others and threw her knife. Suddenly, the officers surrounded the pair and drew their swords. However, Ines stopped them just before they could attack and asked the pair to convey a message to Egmont, "From here, our fleet is going to assist the unit stationed in Flanders. If you want to try and stop us, then I suggest you come and face us with honour. I refuse to run or hide. Once I have destroyed every last one of you, the soldiers will have trouble with what's left of you!" Seeing that Ines was not afraid of death, the two hurried home in order to convey the message to Egmont.

Chapter 20 - In conflict with justice

Having returned to Amsterdam, <Player> and Frederik quickly made their way to the Governor's Mansion. Upon hearing Ines's willingness to die, Egmont was convinced that they would need to make thorough preparations if they were to have a chance at victory. He asked <Player> to help in their cause as well. In addition, Frederik was determined to quit having to fight in his ship in battle and borrowed another ship in order to participate. As the group was preparing for battle, word arrived that Ines had appeared. The enemy had fewer ships than expected, causing Egmont to sense a chance at victory as he gave the order for his fleet to attack.

(Prepare for sea battle. Ines will use incendiary so make sure you have enough fire extinguishers)

The two armies clashed in the seas of Helder. At the end of the long battle, they were finally able to capture the flagship. However, despite being a prisoner, Ines boldly stated, "I have done all I can as a warrior. I refuse to you let you go any further." Although it could be considered her bitterness of defeat, Frederik still had some doubts about her words. After returning home, Frederik thanked <Player> for helping him finally get his ship back. Meanwhile, Egmont began talking about what to do with the prisoner Ines. Within the group, there were a number of people who felt bitter towards her due to the friends they had lost in the battle at the Indies. Therefore, he proposed that they transfer her to the Governor's Mansion. However, Frederik said there was something that concerned him and asked that for the time being, Ines be brought to the tavern.

Being brought along, Ines refused to suffer the humiliation of being a prisoner and demanded that she be executed. Frederik asked her what she meant when she had said, "We will not let you get away with it anymore." However, Ines merely smiled and said that the 'report' should be delivered any moment now. Just then, a messenger came in with urgent news. A separate Spanish fleet had suddenly appeared and had attacked the independence forces which had been pursuing the stationed fleet. As a result, they had been forced to withdraw. In other words, in order to let her comrades escape, Ines she had served as a decoy in order to lure out the commander. "Just what would make you go to such lengths" asked Frederik. Ines said that even if she were to die, the Duke of Alba would still not praise her efforts. In fact, he would be angry they missed the opportunity to the destroy the army and he would probably seek to take the glory for her accomplishments in battle after she died. However, Ines said with vigour, "I refuse to send any troops that His Majesty has entrusted me with to a needless death. My pride as a general will not allow it." Egmont shuddered in the face of such steely resolve. Ines stated that she was under no obligation to engage in idle chatter and demanded to be put to death. All of a sudden, a Brigade soldier standing to her side drew his sword and moved to strike her. In the battle of the Indies, he had lost many friends and could not forgive Ines and her pompous attitude. However, as the soldier went to attack, somebody placed his hand on their chest, preventing him from doing so. It was Egmont. "This woman fought for what she believed in. The death of our friends is merely a result of that." The soldier still refused to back down, until Egmont gave him a good punch. He then explained that the Brigade and Ines both fought for a justice they thought was right, but were incompatible with each other. Then he slowly opened the tavern door. In order to prove that the true justice was on the side of the Brigade, he would set an example by letting Ines go free. As Frederik had also been set free in Seville, he approved the idea. Ines said that she would one day make them regret setting her free and then disappeared. Egmont apologised to Frederik and Player for his selfish actions. However, Frederik cheered him up, saying the leader of their organisation needed to be slightly arrogant, and then set out to make preparations for the next battle.

After another 30 days at sea ...

Chapter 21 - A blockade

Between the port official and the tavern Frederik offers you a square sail Ines put on his ship that reduced turning.

Next, at port, Egmont comments on Frederik's offer and notes that the Duke of Alba had been boosting his navy's strength and launching an all-out attack against us.

Several (30?) days later, at the port in Amsterdam, there were rumours swirling about that the current governor-general of the Netherlands was relieved from his position and that the Duke of Alba would be selecting a replacement. The governor-general said that the talk that the southern states and Spain had decided amongst themselves to do this was nothing more than a mere rumour. However, the Duke of Alba used this ordinance as a shield and would not deny that there was a possibility of him going on to subjugate the Netherlands. The citizens were filled with anxiety as they were forced to place all of their hopes with the Brigade. At the harbor fountain a Brigade sailor conveyed a request that <Player >come to the tavern. At the tavern, Egmont and Frederik were waiting. According to information that Egmont had obtained, the Duke of Alba had taken his naval fleet from their various stations and was leading an attack on Amsterdam. Frederik was determined that this time, they would settle things with Ines once and for all. However, Egmont said it was unlikely that would ever become a reality. When she had returned home, the Duke of Alba deleted Ines's military registry and had her taken into custody. It was said that nobody knew where she was being held. Egmont regretted his decision to not let Ines's die an honourable death. However, Frederik said that Ines had accepted Egmont's decision to release her and returned home knowing what fate lie in store for her. In her own way, Ines had gone forward with her beliefs and kept her head held high while trying to live. A person like that would always, just like they did, overcome any obstacles that were in their way. Upon hearing that, Egmont felt a little better about the situation. The group began talking strategy again. It was said that the Duke of Alba had stationed ships in the Zuiderzee, which was the gateway to Amsterdam, in order to blockade them from going out to sea. If the war were to drag on and they were prevented from going out to sea, there was no way that the Netherlands, with their poor natural resources, would be able to survive. Egmont declared that the only way to survive would to bring a swift end to the war and that preparations were already underway. The group headed to the port in order to go and attack the blockade.

However, immediately after launching the attack, Egmont refrained from directly engaging the enemy and ordered that they withdraw for the time being.

(Enter battle and immediately retreat. Then return to Amsterdam port)

Their first attack was simply in order to scout the enemy formation. Once the battle had begun, the fleets making up the blockade all began to attack at once. Somehow, <Player> and the others managed to escape. Egmont noticed that the enemy suffered from confusion in their ranks from trying to command so many different fleets. He then devised a plan to split the enemy ranks and use the confusion to their advantage while they attacked. Just then, a messenger arrived with urgent news. English ships had broken through the blockade during the last battle and were requesting entrance into the port. On the ship was a member of the Middleton family. Having seemingly lost her mind, Liza charged into the Spanish Navy alone and ended up being captured. In addition, due to her temper causing her to go off alone in search of glory, the Navy refused to rescue her, and there was nobody left to help her except Frederik. The group was shocked at Liza's reckless actions. Even still, Egmont said, "Let's go, Frederik." Due to the incident with the treasure, the Brigade owed Liza a great debt. Additionally, he did not want Frederik to regret not going if they did not help her. It was Egmont's way of showing their friendship. Frederik decided to not participate in the next attack and headed for Spain.

Egmont's plan worked perfectly. Frederik broke through the enemy blockade and headed for Spain. Meanwhile, <Player> and Egmont went in to finish off the enemy fleet which was in disarray.

(Another multi-ship battle ahead. Prepare accordingly)

With victory ringing in a new era for their country, the citizens raised their voices in great joy. The Brigade and <Player> were hailed as heroes that had saved the country from certain disaster. Just then, a messenger from the Governor's Mansion arrived. In a few days, a ceremony was to be held celebrating this victory. Egmont promised to attend, but there was a touch of worry in his face. For despite earning the victory, the Brigade had suffered heavy casualties during the battle. Egmont promised <Player> that they would see each other again at the ceremony. As the port still revelled in its victory, he left to attend to the wounded and to oversee the hull repair.

(sail for 30 days)

Chapter 22 - Great Obligations

<Player> was summoned to the Governor's Mansion in order to attend the ceremony celebrating the previous day's victory.

The governor-general thanked Egmond and <Player> for protecting the independence of the Netherlands and rewarded them both hansomely. The people in attendance were cheering the two heroes when all of a sudden, the door by the governor-general let out a loud noise and was openend. Is was none other than the incomparable Frederik. In order to avoid all of the commotion, the three individuals left the room for the time being.

After rescuing Liza, Frederik had seen a fleet in the waters near Seville. It was the Duke of Alba's private fleet, which had been hand-picked of only the best troops and created in order to hunt down all of the traitors within the military. It was seen heading north. In other words, the Duke of Alba had already begun moving to subjugate the Netherlands himself. Frederik urged everybody to immediately begin making preparations to meet this new threat. However, Egmont did not budge. Due to the previous battle, more than half of the Brigade was currently unable to fight and its sailors had yet to recover from their wounds. Even if they were to give their all, the numbers were simply not on their side.

Then, Frederik proposed that they fight on land instead. However, Egmond refused, stating that a large number of the town's citizens would be sacrificed. Saying there was only one way that they could win this battle, he set off towards the governor-general's room with a resolute look on his face.

Egmont took his proposal to the governor-general and urged him to make a decision. The governor-general promised to withdraw from the town as quickly as possible. Upon seeing Egmont walk away, he mittered, "The life of one man and the freedom of our country... I guess we have no choice." Emerging from the governor-general's room, Egmont requested that <player> and Frederik accompany him outside.

Frederik grew impatient and wondered why they were simply sneaking about. Then, Egmont confessed that he had ordered his men te lay down the armaments on his ship and remove the flag. It was basically the method for surrender. Frederik could not believe what was happening. Egmont quietly spoke what his true intentions were. The surrender was all part of a trap to lure out the Duke of alba. Once negotiations had begun, Frederik and <Player> would take command of the Brigade and strike the defenceless Duke of Alba all at once. As a sign to begin the attack, he would show a dirty cloack. It was a cloak that had been stained with the former Commander Hoorn's blood.

However, if they proceeded with the plan, since Egmont was unarmed, it was certain that he would lose his life in the attack. Frederik tried to convince his friend not to go through with it. "You are the leader of the Brigade. Your life is not simply yours to throw away as you please." Egmont answered calmly that is anybody other than the commander were to request surrender, then the Duke of Alba himself would never com out to greet them. More than anything, to lose Amsterdam would be to lose the very reason for existence of the Brigade. "That is why I have to do it myself. It is my duty so that the people of the Netherlands may live their lives and be proud of their country!" Frederik was stunned at Egmont's words. Just then, word arrived that the enemy fleet had begun its attack and the townspeople screamed in fer. "Whatever happens, our friendship will never die..." said Egmont as he headed off into battle.

The ship carrying Egmont so that he may propose the surrender approached the Duke of Alba's flagship. Duke of Alba appeared quite arrogant as he accepted Amsterdam's surrender. However, he demanded more than just Egmont's surrender, and ordered that the soldiers be put to death. In that moment, Hoorn's cloak fluttered in the win as it hung from the mast on Egmont's flagship. Although hesitant, Frederik did not wish for his friend's sacrifice to be in vain and gave the order to fire. Numerous fires erupted on the enemy fleet. Dazed and confused, the Duke of Alba concentrated his fire on the Brigade flagship before him. The flagship carrying Egmont began to brak apart and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. "This is no way for him to die..." Frederik shook of his despair and gave the order to the fleet to attack.

(Multi-ship battle ahead, prepare accordingly)

<Player> and the others cut into the enemy fleet and sank numerous escort ships before closing in on the Duke of Alba's flagship. Before long, they were on the verge of capturing it. However, a new enemy appeared and stood in their way. It was Ines's fleet.

"Why do you have to go to such lengths as to sacrifice yourself for the Duke of Alba?!" In response to Frederik's question, Ines simply replied that it was her destiny.

(Another multi-ship battle ahead, prepare accordingly)

Following the end of the fierce battle, the pair finally managed to defeat Ines. Upon learning that the Duke of Alba had withdrawn, she called him "Father" and proud that she had fought like a warrior to the end, died.

The battle was over and they went around gathering all of the survivors within the port. However, the flagship that Egmont had rode was without hope.

Within town, the people were once again ecstatic over the "Brigade's" miraculous victory. However, Frederik refused to take part in the joy that was all about and instead gathered the corpses of his fallen friends and returned to the frozen sea.

(sail for 30 days)

Chapter 23 - Sparkling Days

A short time after the Battle of the Zuiderzee, the city of Amsterdam returned to its previously bustling self, the people all scrambling to serve their own interests and carry their items to the port. The port official was unable to hide his embarrassment at how overly chaotic everything was.

(talk to the soldier near the fountain, then enter the tavern)

At the tavern, people were gossiping about the dismissal of the Duke of Alba from his post.

Having lost two major battles, the Duke of Alba had earned the disfavour of the King, and his title of Commander of the Seas at Flanders had been removed. However, strangely, the Duke of Alba should have lusted for power, but since the defeat, he had not appeared at the Court, instead simply staying within his own territory. Even when he was stripped of his title, he did not attempt to justify himself.

Upon leaving the tavern, a messenger from the governor-general came with orders to bring them to the official Estate. Apparently, they were to be rewarded for their deeds in the battle the other day.

<Player> went directly to the official Estate. However, despite also being invited, Frederik was nowhere to be seen, causing Chairman Barneveld to become angry at his ill-manners. In the governor-general's room, the ceremony began. The governor-general declared that in recognition of their efforts to save the country from danger, the Brigade sailors would be recognised as the Netherlands' official navy from now on. To <Player>, he promised an important position for when journey to the oceans of distant new lands. When the ceremony had finished, the governor-general handed a letter he had written to <Player> and asked that it be given to Frederik.

Arriving at Frederik's mansion, Amalia was there. The entire time Frederik was gone, she seemed to have no problem dealing with the Arms Dealers. According to her, Frederik had not been going out to sea lately, and instead, simply sat around all day with a drink in his hand.

Upon asking where he was, Amalia replied that he was at Egmont's grave. As she spoke, a clouded look came over her face for she could not believe that Egmont was actually dead either.

(go to the church and talk to the priest, then go through the iron gate)

<Player> headed for the graveyard and heard Frederik's voice, "Well, if you put it like that, I can't win..." However, there was nobody before him except a small gravestone. Frederik took a brief look at the letter from the governor-general and had an amazed look on his face. The governor-general has asked Frederik to "Please join the Navy and carry on Egmont's legacy." However, Frederik had no intention of doing so, and had continually declined the offer. "What are we going to do with him..." said Liza as she appeared before them. She had heard that Frederik had been recommended for command of the Netherlands' navy and had come to congratulate him. When she asked him why he would turn down such an honor, Frederik replied, "Until now, I've always done business with honourable men. Egmont, Hoorn... It's the same thing. I'd like to keep choosing who it is I deal with." He was thinking that he would like to sit back and see the future of this country that Egmont had helped make happen. The people of the Netherlands had always been taken advantage of. So now, that things were beginning to recover, they were anxious to turn things around. In fact, one day, they might find that they had taken the same path as the Duke of Alba. In such a case, Frederik would not hesitate to sell weapons to their enemies. However, as a servant of the Queen and one who yearned for promotion, Liza could not grasp Frederik's views on his own home like that. Then, Frederik asked <Player> and Liza if they would like to go and watch the sea for a while.

However, Liza said she needed to get back to her work and then left for home. Stangely, she said the next they met, that it might be as enemies.

(head to port, and talk to Frederik)

"That heartless woman..." cursed Frederik after hearing that Liza had left. Then, he looked up to the sky. The blue sky seemed to rise up without bound. Hoorn, Ines and now Egmont... <Player> and Frederik reminisced about all of the friends they had lost in battle. "I want to live enough for all of us. That is what I have decided. It's... It's what I want." Frederik vowed to give up drinking and rebuild his old delivery business. He would set out over the vast sea that his friends had sailed, taking advantage of each and every day that their sacrifice had created for him.

Congratulations! You've completed the story quest! (confirmed it with a Deckhand, as it wasn't immediately clear :-))

You receive the Sea Brigade Crest as a reward.