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All the sea battles encountered during storyline can be done in a fleet to make it easier.

Rewards mentioned in chapters doesn't include experience and fame gained for battles.

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Vprologue Prologue: The Journey Begins

Due to great richies brought from trade with the East, the city-estate of Venice ruled over the Mediterranean Sea for some time. This beatiful capital along the water is where Player's journey as a sailor first began.

Vchapter1 An Ascension Day Meeting

Ascension Day
On Ascension Day, the Marriage of the Sea ceremony was being held in Venice.
The people were intoxicated by this ritual they hoped would bring them eternal prosperity.
Then, all of a sudden, a woman cry's for help rang throughout the streets.
The woman, who appeared to be an attendant of a noble family, pleaded for somebody to help her mistress.
Player rushed over to the outskirts of the town and came upon a group of ruffians who were threatening a young noblewoman.
Having been seen, the ruffians were about to attack player and held their swords menacingly.
However, a group of night watchman passed by on patrol and they all quickly fled to safety.
The young noblewoman's name was Vittoria, and she thanked Player for such courageous act.
She was the daughter of the famous Orseolo family. Then a messenger appeared and asked them to come to see her brother.
Vittoria figured was too soon for her brother to have heard about this incident, but along with Player, who had witnessed the event, she set out for the Doge's Estate.

Doge's Estate
Player and Vittoria met with her older brother Alvise, who was an Aide to the Doge.
Alvise had always suspected that the subordinates of the Council, which was led by his political opponent Grandenigo, had trouble with the presence of his sister.
However, as he had been waiting for them to show their true colours, he had kept the matter a secret.
Vittoria was incredulous that she had been used as bait in his political game.
Suddently, a group of men burst into the house.
They were various artists and scholars that Vittoria sponsored, and she led them into the Salon.
Alvise was less than impressed with them, and wondered how long they'd be kept around.
However, Vittoria was convinced that they were important pieces in the effort to contribuite to the development of Venice's culture, and left the room.
Alvise could only sigh at his sister's stubbornness.
In front of the house, Vittoria lamented at her brother's treatment of her.
With both their father and mother gone, Alvise was the closest thing to a parent she had.
She just wished that he would be a little kinder to her.
After confessing her feelings for a while, Vittoria thanked Player for helping her.
She promised that they would meet again someday and then disappeared into the night.
Recived Aromatic oil.

Vchapter2 A Unique Salon

Sail for 30 days to start this chapter
One day at the Venice port, Player met a young Muslim boy who had stowed away on a ship.
A fledgling treasure hunter, the boy named Harun pleaded with Player to introduce him to Vittoria when he heard that she was an acquaintance.

Orseolo Estate
Upon visiting the Orseolo family, Player was greeted warmly by Vittoria.
After being introduced, Harun tried to impress Vittoria by offeringher some treasure that he had found.
However, Vittoria knew that these items had been stolen and refuse to accept them.
She was always happy to fund academically-focused excavations, but she absolutely despised illegal digs that could harm the ruins.
Disappointed, Harun got up to leave.
However, Vittoria called to him and promised to give him a contract if he would give up illegal digging.
Harun was extremely excited and agreed to the conditions.
The artist and scholars welcomed their new friends.
They spoke about how that even though the level of Vittoria's Salon was top notch, it was different that other Salons for nobles in that flattery would get you nowere.
Instead, it was aplace where even people who liked to go it alone could flourish.
Suddently, Harun stated that he would like to see some of the pieces of art stored in the Orseolo mansion.
Vittoria agreed to make an exception this one time and taking Playeralong with them, went to the storage room.
There, Vittoria showed them her favourite painting, that of the holy mother and child.
The painting captured the holy mother with a smile on her face.
This was the piece that got Vittoria interested in art.
All of a sudden, an angry voice called out to the group.
Alvise scolded them for entering the storage room without permission, to which Vittoria apologised, but also asked why the room was off limits.
Alvise told her it did not concern her and then left on government business.
Vittoria was feeling was after being scoldedby her brother, so Harun apologised, saying was partially responsible as well.
Then, he thanked Platyer again to introducing him to Vittoria.
Recived Prospector's dowsing rod.

Vchapter3 To the Wise Moon Goddess

Sail for 30 days to start this chapter and speak with Emaretta in front of the Item Shop then go to the Harbour and speak with Vittoria.
Venice Harbour
Several days later, Player came across Vittoria and Harun caught in a dispute with a port official.
The two spoke about their circumstances.
It all started when Alvise, who hoped to strengthen his foothold in the parliament, devised a scheme to marry Vittoria to a powerful nobleman.
Unwilling to accept her brother's one sided plans for her, Vittoria followed Harun's advice and fled the mansion.
She then decided to go and visit some ruins from the Roman Era that lay on the outskirts of Naples.
However, Alvise had already made arrangements at the port and prevented them from taking the Orseolo family boat.
So, the two of them asked Player to take them to the ruins in Naples.

There are soldiers (lvl 2) and thugs (lvl 6) roaming. So if you're not good at sword fighting - it's better to avoid them. Search for dead tree. And enter ruins. Watch dialogue and get back to city. You can use landmark ribbon to fast travel to city.

Gain 20.000D

Gain 40 adventure fame

Vchapter4 Orders At Cyprus

Short overview Some time after your voyage to Naples(about 35 days at sea) you'll meet arguing sailors at Venice Harbor and you'll be invited in Doge's Estate.&nbsp Then you'll need to pack your best ship and go to Famagusta (SouthEast Mediterranean). West of Cyprus you'll see a battle going on (at location 1398, 3396). After winning a battle return to Venice to complete chapter. Alvise Orseolo will be heading a trade fleet to Egypt to restore pepper trade and he'll ask you to inform Vittoria.

Gain 30.000D

Gain 60 battle fame

Tips and tactics: There will be 4-5 venetian galleys and 4-5 turkish galleys battling each other. 3-4 turkish Galleys have 110-310 hitpoints and 1 Battle Galley is a with 320-350 hit points. So you'll need to be prepared. I strongly recommend to complete all schools before you go there. At least have a ship with 100 or more hitpoints to withstand one or two hits from Turkish. Attack in a pack and concentrate fire on a one ship at once. Dead enemy is not firing back but wounded enemy does.

Vchapter5 The Conqueror of the Sands

Short overview Starting in Venice from talk with Vittoria Orseolo about Alvise gone to Alexandria.

You need to take Vittoria to Alexandria to rescue her brother.
As soon you'll arrive at Alexandria Vittoria will get lost. You'll find her near Rest Area.
Then you'll need to go to Office of the Viceroy.

Chapter will end when you reach Seville.

Gain 20,000D

Vchapter6 The Sun Moves West

Short overview Started in Seville port, you'll get directions to Lisbon where Admiral Gama actually got to India and back with pepper. In Lisbon you'll need to go to Tavern and overhear officer talk about trip. After that Vittoria will win Journal from this Officer. Then you'll need to go to port and sail from Lisbon to Venice. Head to Doge's Estate.

Gain 30,000D

Gain 100 trade fame

Vchapter7 An Ostentatious Banquet

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

Short overview: When you'll arrive at Venice you'll see quest Noblewoman at Square. She'll tell you about upcoming banquet at Doge's estate. Then at Orseolo estate you'll see Vittoria Orseolo and her brother Alvise. After a short talk you'll need to go to Doge's Estate. After a banquet, you'll see a short talk with Julien, treasure hunter just outside the Doge's Estate.

Vchapter8 A Discerning Patrone

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

Upon entering Venice you'll see Harun's short talk. Then you'll need to go to Orseolo estate to get a task to ship to Tunis. In Tunis,go outside the gate, go the other side of bone tree and look for Julien do the talks and sail back to Venice (upon your departure for Venice, the other quest starts and Harun is lost).

Sail from Venice to Tunis.

In order to complete this chapter you have to enter' ruins of Carthage. You can do this only if you discovered it earlier in the game or fleet with someone who have done it. If not, quest to discover it can be taken in Marseille adventurers guild (pls confirm other locations where it is possible to get that quest).

You can also take the quest in Marseille at the adventurers guild (qs name is "Remnants of the Punic war", required Rec 1, Arc 1, ARA)

Gain 30000D

Gain 150 adventure fame

Vchapter9 Familial Afterglow

Start in Tunis Rest Area.

Sail to Venice. Go to Orseolo Estate to trigger a scene.

Go back to Tunis, and talk to the merchant in rest area.

In order to find Haroun's father you need to sail to Sierra Leone (West Africa port permit is needed).

Return to Venice

Head to the Orsolo Estate finish scene there, then the harbour, finally back to Orsolo Estate to wrap up this quest.

Gain 60000D

Gain 100 adventure fame

Vchapter10 Light Among Darkness

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

1- sail to Venice ( 2 merchants talks)

2- go to Orseolo mainson (alot of talks) than sail 30 days for next event

Vchapter11 A Ripe and Decadent Feast

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

1- go to the Doge's Estate (talk with merchants and take the petition)

2- go to Orseolo Estate (talks) and go to Marseille. (on arrival, there are talks at the port)

3- Head to the mansion across from the Shipyard.  (Talks with Julien and Alvise).

Gain 30000D

Vchapter7 An Audience to Allegations

You need to wait at least 30 days before the story will continue

Head to the tavern in Marseille and talk to the merchant and citizen.

Exit the tavern for conversations with Alvise and Julien.

Head to the Imperial Villa for a conversation with Alvise and the Queen Mother.

After the Villa with Alvise you can find Julien in the Church next to the Bank in the center of town. Talk to him about the one-eyed monk.

Afterwards, head back to the Impreial Villa with Julien to talk to Alvise.  After they leave to talk to the Queen Mother, talk to the Duke of Guise to join them. 

Afterward talk to Alvise and Julien one last time and they will tell you to return to Venice.

Gain 50000D

Gain 100 trade fame

Vchapter13 An Indelible Darkness

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

Upon returning to Venice head to the church. Just outside it you will see Vittoria and the members of her salon talking.

After talk, the group moves South by the Doge's Estate, then to the harbor (board your ship), then to the Orseolo Estate for several conversations and then back to the harbor.

It ends when Alvise storms off to the mansion

Vchapter10 Turning Against God

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

Chapter starts on sea south of Ragusa.You will find a merchant ship at (794,3055) which will tell you to go to Candia.

North of Candia player must engage a fight where one merchant ship fight against 8 turkish Heavy Galleys. In order to continue you have to either flee (easy) from battlefield or win the fight (very hard-with minimal xp/fame reward).

Return to Candia to receiva a letter then report it to Venice's Doge. Follow storyline in Doge's mansion then in the Orseolo estate.

Then you have to wait 6 days to continue... Now go in front of Doge's mansion and you have to follow little dialogs.

Gain 50000D

Gain 100 battle fame

Vchapter15 The Sword of the Caliph

You need to wait at least 30 days before the story will continue.

Emeretta will be in the square in Venice talking to the market apprentice.  Alvise will join the conversation then ask you to meet him in the Doge's mansion.  Go there and talk to Alvise and he will invite you to a conversation with the Doge.  They will ask you to head to Alexandria to meet a merchant.  When you board your ship, Julien shows up and asks to accompany you on your journey.

When you arrive in Alexandria, you will have a conversation with Julien then you will need to head to the rest area to converse with the merchant.

In order to continue the story you will need to either have accessed the Karnak and Luxor temple area already, have the quest to access the area or bring along in your party someone who has accessed it in order to be able to enter the area

If you are low level beware of the possibilty of land fights against average and high level opponents.

In the large ruins in the Southwest corner of the Luxor area you will come across a dead body.  Click on it for a conversation with Julien. 

After the conversation, continue on towards the Luxor Temple.  In the ruins in the Northeast corner you will come across another dead body (just Northeast of the Temple entrance).  Click on it for another conversation with Juilien.  During the conversation you will be joined by Faisal.  Converse with him as well.  Next you must head towards the Temple entrance.  Just before the entrance you will see a grave robber.  Talk to him twice, then to Julien and Faisal.

Return to your ship for one last conversation with Faisal, then head back to Venice.

When you arrive back in Venice there will be one more conversation with Julien.

Head to the Doge's Mansion and speak to Cabinet Secretary Mocenigo to receive your reward from the Doge and Alvise.

Gain 100000D

Gain 100 adventure fame

Vchapter16 A Proud Warrior

(The fame requirements for this permit is 12000 pure fame so you may have to work awhile before begining this chapter.)

You must wait 30 days before starting this chapter.

Back in Venice, Vittoria is waiting by the building across from the Doge's Estate.  She asks you to take her to Massawa.  Julien will volunteer to join you.  As you board your ship to leave, you will hear Emaretta shouting for Vittoria.  Julien suggests you leave before you are discovered.

Once you arrive at Massawa there is a conversation between Vittoria and Julien.  Exit the boat and head to the rest area.  Julien and the Rest House Master are having a conversation.  When it is done, talk to Julien, then head into town and find Vittoria.  Next, head back to the rest area for a conversation between Julien and Vittoria.  A merchant will join the conversation and offer to provide you information for 200,000 Ducate.  If you refuse to pay it, Vittoria will offer him a barrette she says is worth more than 200,000.  The merchant accepts and tells you to sail to the prairie to the south of the city (Indian Ocean East African Coast Landing Zone).

When you arrive at the landing zone, there is a conversation between the merchant and Vittoria.  You learn that Julien has disappeared.  You then step onto land and the merchant says he will go get the sword thief, but instead Turkish soldiers appear.  A warrior, Ogun, and his elephants show up to help you out.  After he scares off the soldiers, talk to him and Harun will appear and explain that the warrior is the bodyguard for his caravan.  Finally, talk to Harun and agree to take his caravan to Mogadishu.  Exit the zone for a conversation with Harun and his dad, then set sail to Mogadishu.

Vchapter17 A Torrent of Woe

When you arrive in Mogadishu, there is a converation with Harun and his father.  When it is over, exit your ship and head for the rest area.  Talk to Harun and tell him about the thief.  Ogun will tell you he knows who it is.  Talk to Ogun three times and you will learn that he buried the sword under the Mother Tree back in the prairie.  When you board you ship you learn that Ogun has left, Harun runs to look for him but quickly returns without him.  Return to the Indian Ocean East African Coast Landing Zone. 

When you arrive, there is a brief conversation between Julien and Vittoria.  Head to the Large Tree in the Southwest corner of the map.  When you arrive, talk to Julien and he starts digging for the sword.  Ogun shows up and tells Julien he will never get the sword.  Ogun claims that Julien is a trator.  Suddenly the Turkish soldiers appear and interrupt the conversation.  Ogun attacks them allowing you time to run away (you teleport back to the zone entrance).  Exit the zone and the Turkish fleet appears.  Ogun and Julien team up and head in to attack. 

At this point you are offered the choice to join in the attack or use the opportunity to run away. It doesn't matter which option you choose, you will have to fight the Turkish fleet.  When you set sail there are five heavy galleys (the Turkish Fleet) surrounding a large carrack (Julien) right in front of you.  Talk to them and the battle begins.  (Five ships, each with 120 sailors and 450ish durability).  If you retreat or get defeated, the battle resets. 

As soon as battle starts, Julien is heading to abordage turkish leader galley. Focus your fire on that galley while Julien is engaged in melee combat to help killing turkish crew. Keep in mind that without your help Julien will loose the fight.

Once the battle is over, head back to Mogadishu.

Gain 150 battle fame

Obtained 14 Master Craftsman's Carpentry Tools

Vchapter18 Au Revoir

When you arrive at Mogadishu there will be a quick conversation.  Exit your ship and talk to Julien for a conversation between him and Ogun.  Harun will suggest you join him at his caravan. 

Head towards the east side of town, there is a gate that is not marked on the map.  Here talk to Harun and the rest of the group.  At the end, Harun will tell you that he suspects Julien as well and asks you to watch out for Vittoria.

Obtain 50 bags of emeralds.

Return to Venice.  When you arrive Vittoria will reward you.

Gain 300,000D

Gain 200 adventure fame

She will tell you that she wants to let Alvise know what happened.  Head to the Orseolo Estate for a conversation between her and Alvise.  During the conversation Alvise has Vittoria escorted from the room and calls guard in to arrest Julien.  Julien eventually escapes by knocking everyone out, but apologizes for getting you mixed up in all this.  When you come to, there is a conversation with Vittoria and then with Alvise. 

Vchapter7 One Last Comedy

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

Just south of the church in Venice a resident and a merchant are talking.  It seems that Alvise has been appointed Commander of the Seas and is now in charge of the entire navy. After the conversation with them, head to the Orseolo Estate for several conversations with Alvise about how he got the appointment.  Vittoria joins the conversations and you are invited to stay for the ceremony.  During the conversation Alvise is reminded of something Julien said and calls the city guard.  He says that he thinks Julien is going to do something at the ceremony so they need to double the guard and rushes out.  Vittoria asks you to keep an eye on the situation between Alvise and Julien.

After these conversations Night Policemen npcs appear at various points in the square near the Doge's Estate.

Head to the Doge's Estate and the guard will tell you that you are expected.  Once inside you will be told to proceed to the Doge's Chamber, talk to Cabinet Secretary Mocenigo to enter.  You will witness the Doge appointing Alvise his new title and will end up back in the main chamber.  There Alvise is talking to three members of the Night Police.  They report that there has been no sign of Julien.  Alvise then asks you to go to the square and stand guard as he heads to the balcony to give his speech. 

As you exit the estate you view a cut scene of the speech.  In the middle of it, what appears to be confetti begins raining down.  The confetti turns out to be pamphlets accusing Alvise of using false information to gain his position as chairman, among other crimes.  Alvise orders the guard to arrest Julien, but he is nowhere to be found.  Chaos erupts and the council siezes the opportunity to demand a new investigation.  Alvise has gone from the top of the world to fighting for his political career.

Vchapter20 The Cost of Life

You need to wait at least 6 days before story continue.

Head to the tents across from the Doge's Estate for a conversation between a merchant, a resident and a housewife.  Tell them to stop gossiping and watch as Gradenigo is released.  Head over the the entrance to the estate for a conversation with him.  Afterwards head to the Orseolo Estate for a conversation with two people outside.  Tell them to stop their harassment.  They will turn on you, but will be scared off by the painter from the salon.  Talk to him and Vittoria will come out and invite you inside.  Enter the estate and talk to Vittoria.  She explains that she is going to close down her salon and donate all of the art to the national gallery in exchange for Alvise's freedom.  The painter gets upset, quits, and storms out.  A trustee shows up to start removing the art, but Vittoria asks them to wait and invites you to join her for one last look at the collection.  While looking around, she notices that the painting of the mother and child she showed you earlier is missing.  The trustee comes down and tells her it is time.  You both walk back upstairs to continue your conversation.  She says her final goodbye to the artwork and leaves the estate.  Outside you see Julien watching as she talks to the trustee.  When the trustee leaves Vittoria will thank you for being there as it really helped her.

Vchapter10 A Silent Campaign

You need to wait at least 30 days before story continue.

When you arrive in Venice you will witness a conversation between a resident and a merchant.  They say there is something happening in front of the Doge's Estate.  Exit your ship and head there and you will see Gradenigo talking to a group of people.  He tells them that Alvise has only been found to have commited a mistake in arresting Gradenigo and has been cleared of all other charges.  The townspeople are upset, but he assures them that the council will work to stop any further actions by Alvise.  After Gradenigo leaves, head to the Orseolo Estate and talk to Vittoria. 

Vittoria explains that Gradenigo has cornered Alvise into fighting the Turkish army with the Bedouins, but without support of the government.  She explains that Gradenigo has told the Turkish army that Faisal is leading the Bedouin rebellion.  Alvise has gone off with a small group of men to join up with Faisal.  During the conversation, Emaretta bursts into the room with a letter from Julien.  He writes that he didn't intend for any of this to happen and would like to trade the Sword of the Caliph for the painting of the mother and child that was in the family collection.  He asks her to meet him in the church in Bordeaux.  Vittoria asks you to join her in tracking down her brother so she can find out the location of the painting. 

Vchapter22 To Win and Survive

Head to your ship and Vittoria will tell you that she thinks Alvise is meeting Faisal at the Egyptian Harbour.  Sail to Alexandria and head to the rest area.  You will overhear a conversation between a peddler and a merchant saying that Faisal is in Jaffa, so head there next. 

When you arrive in Jaffa you will be greeted by a Bedouin Solider telling you that the Bedouin now control the city and telling you to turn back.  Vittoria asks if Alvise is there and tells him she is his sister.  He allows you to enter the city.  Head to the rest area and talk to the group of soliders.  They will tell you Alvise and Faisal are in an abandoned building (the Mosque).  There you will overhear Alvise telling Faisal that they need to leave the city as a fleet of warships is heading toward them.  They plan to hid and attack the fleet.  Vittoria bursts in and Faisal leaves.  Vittoria shows Alvise the letter and tells him she needs the painting in order to get the sword back.  Alvise asks you to follow him and leaves the Mosque.

When you exit the Mosque, Alvise tells Faisal not to leave the city, but to strengthen the guard around the harbour instead.  He plans to use the city as a base to attack the Turkish fleet.  Faisal tells him he never planned to retreat anyway.  Alvise leaves the area.

When you board your ship, Alvise tells you to come with him to the church in Famagusta. 

Vchapter9 The Fate of Cursed Blood

In the church Alvise tells Vittoria that he donated the painting to the church and tells her the story behind it.  It turns out that Julien is their half-brother.  He believes that Julien is seeking revenge for things their father did to his mother.  During the conversation a guard bursts in and tells Alvise that the Turkish fleet has been spotted.  Alvise asks you to protect Vittoria and leaves for Jaffa.  Vittoria wants you to head to where Julien is (Bordeaux).

Gain 200 Adventure Fame

Vchapter18 One Last Request

When you arrive in Bordeaux head to the church.  Talk to Vittoria and Julien will appear and offer to trade the sword for the painting.  Once you hand over the painting he pulls the sword and threatens to kill Vittoria with it.  She tells him that Alvise has confessed everything to her and she knows he is her brother.  She doesn't care if he kills her as long as he hands the sword over so you can return it to Alvise.  She says that once Alvise is done with it he will return it and allow Julien to kill him as well.  Julien doubts her, but she explains that Alvise has been trying to atone for the sins of their father.  After hearing this, Julien spares her life and Augustine appears.  He grabs the sword and threatens Vittoria.  Julien jumps in front of the bullet, saving her. 

Vchapter17 Le Chien de Meute

You rush Julien to a doctor and he survives.  He tells you all about Augustine and tells you he is coming along to find him.  After he leaves, Vittoria voices concern about his injuries.  If you voice concern that it is dangerous, the doctor will give you Asciepius' Medicated Bath for him.  When you board your ship, Julien tells you to sail due west from Sierra Leone to Cayenne, which is where Augustine's fortress is.

If you don't have a port permit for Cayenne don't worry, you won't need it at this point.

When you arrive in Cayenne, Julien says that you and he will head into town to find Augustine and Vittoria should stay hidden on the ship.  Just as you are about to exit a solider shows up.  He is one of Augustine's men and tells you Augustine hasn't arrived yet.  It seems that Augustine is planning on attacking a Spanish export fleet sailing near Santo Domingo while flying a French flag.  Julien tells the soldier that your group is going to sail there to help out Augustine.

Outside Santo Domingo you will face a group of 5 battle galleons that are disguised as a French battle fleet.  This fight can be tough.  Concentrate on sinking Augustine's ship.

After the fight, head to Santo Domingo.  Julien will be waiting by the gate.  He says there is a trail of blood leading out of the city.  You exit the town and Augustine jumps you from behind capturing Vittoria.  He threatens to kill her if you don't let me pass.  When given the option, I chose to block his path.  Julien has a conversation with him, then shoots him. 

You recover the sword from Augustine and Julien tells you he looks forward to seeing you in battle and runs off.  Head back into town.

Obtain 14 Master Craftsman's Carpentry Tools

Gain 250 battle fame

Vchapter26 Realizing Distant Dreams

When your board your ship to depart Santo Domingo, Vittoria will tell you that you need to sail back to Jaffa.

When you arrive in Jaffa, a large Turkish fleet is camped outside.  Click on them and you will be pulled into a battle.  You will be told that you just need to escape the battle without being sunk, so just retreat.  Once you escape, head to Jaffa. 

When you arrive at the docks you will see a conversation between Alvise and Faisal.  Once you get on land, you will see Alvise and Faisal by the rest area.  Talk to them and Vittoria will hand over the Sword of the Caliph. 

Gain 200.000D

Gain 300 adventure fame

Talk to Faisal again and he will ask you to take him to Cairo to meet the chiefs.  Vittoria says she will be joining you, but Alvise asks her to stay behind to help the wounded.

As you board your ship to leave, Alvise shows up for a conversation with Faisal.

When you arrive in Cairo, Faisal tells you to head to the rest area.  Exit your ship and talk to the Rest House Master.  He sends a message to the other chiefs.  He then tells you it will be some time, to wait in the rest area.  Walk over and talk to Faisal and you will overhear a conversation between two customers.  Afterwards, Faisal will ask you to return to Jaffa and tell Alvise that Hayreddin is not with the fleet.  Suddenly a merchant shows up and tells Faisal that the chiefs are waiting to talk to him on the shore across from Cairo. 

Sail across to the Cairo Far Bank Landing zone.  When you arrive a merchant will tell you the chiefs are waiting for you at a boulder a little ways to the west.  Exit your ship and head west to the boulder and you will see the chiefs.  Talk to them and Faisal will show them the sword and they will agree to join you.  They then ask Faisal to join them in alerting eveyone and making preparations for war.  Faisal asks you to head to Jaffa to alert Alvise and heads off with the chiefs.  Head back to your ship.

When you arrive at your ship, the merchat returns and during the conversation with him you hear a single gunshot.  The merchant laughs and says it is probably just bandits. 

Vchapter27 The Final Ambush

Sail back to Jaffa.  When you arrive you see Alvise making preparations for another battle.  When you exit your ship you will see him and a solider near the rest area.  Talk to Alvise and tell him about Hayreddin.  During the conversation, Vittoria will advise that another enemy fleet is approaching.   Board your ship and you will see a fleet approaching.  You notice that they are flying the French flag and appear to be requesting permission to enter the town.  Alvise gives them permission and you head back into town.

Go and talk to the French soliders and they will tell you that the Queen Mother requested that they assist Alvise in the fighting.  Alvise asks them who told her what was going on, but they say they don't know all of the details.  Alvise then asks that you join him in the Mosque for a meeting.  After they leave, talk to Vittoria and she will say she thinks Julien is the one that notified the Queen Mother.  After she leaves, head to the Mosque.

When you enter the Mosque, Alvise will tell of his plan to sail to Beirut and attack the Turkish fleet in a sneak attack.  His plan entails you charging in with him for the initial attack and the French fleet joining in to help mop up. 

Exit the Mosque for a conversation with Alvise and Vittoria.  Alvise asks Vittoria to stay in Jaffa to greet Faisal and the other chiefs when they show up.

Head towards Famagusta and you will see the Turkish fleet.  This is a tough fight consisting of two waves of enemies.  Wave 1 consists onf 1 Galeass and a number of galleys along with Venetian ships to assist you.  The best strategy is to take out the leader as soon as possible.  Once he has been taken out, wave 2 will start.  This wave consists of 2 Galeass and a number of galleys along with the French navy to assist you.  Again, take out the leader as soon as possible.

Obtain 22 Master Craftsman's Carpentry Tools

Gain 400 battle fame

Vchapter28 The Battle's Conclusion

After the battle, head back to Jaffa.  Alvise will thank you when you dock.  Once you exit your ship, you can find Alvise by the Rest Area.  Talk to him to receive your reward. 

Gain 250.000D

During the conversation, Alvise notices that the Bedouin soliders are all missing.  Vittoria shows up and says there was nothing she could do.  Grandenigo appears and tells you that he has brokered a peace with the Turks by giving them the Sword of the Caliph and by killing Faisal. 

Alvise finally realizes he has just been a pawn in the plans of Grandenigo.  He leaves to attend the funeral for the Bedouins, but not before promising to be in Candia the next day.

Talk to Vittoria and she will give you her necklace as a reward for all your help.

Vchapter7The Country's Saviour

When you arrive in Venice, you will be recognized by a Merchant and a Salor at the docks.  They call you one of the Heroes of Jaffa.  When you exit your ship you will be met by a Noble telling you the Doge wants to speak with you.  Head to the Doge's Estate and talk to Cabinet Secretary Mocenigo.  He will lead you into the Doge's chambers. 

The Doge rewards you for your help in Jaffa.

Gain 1.000.000D

Then the Doge advises you that a seat on the Decemviri has suddenly opened and that Alvise has been given it.  He asks you to deliver the transfer orders to him in Candia as soon as possible. 

When you exit the estate, you are met by a Resident, a Merchant and a Housewife.  They tell you the story about how the seat was vacated.  It turns out that when Grandenigo returned to Venice he was treated like a hero.  The Doge appointed him to be the next Doge.  As he was announcing this to the citizens, he fell over dead.  It is believed that the Bedouin killed him for his role in the death of Faisal.  They go on to say that it was discovered that Grandenigo had taken credit for everything that Alvise had done. 

An official shows up and chases them all off.  In the distance you can see Julien observing what is going on. 

Sail to Candia.

When you arrive in Candia, a Housewife will meet you in the harbour.  She tells you that Alvise is off training.  Vittoria arrives and you tell her what is going on and what happened to Grandenigo.  She hears voices coming from the docks and says it must be Alvise returning. 

Vchapter1A Tribute to the Golden City

Board your ship for a conversation between Alvise and a soldier.  After it is over, you will exit your ship for a conversation with Alvise and Vittoria.  Vittoria will convince Alvise that he needs to return to Venice and join the Decemviri.  She asks if they can join you on your ship for the voyage.

Board your ship for a conversation between Alvise and the solider.

Set sail for Venice.

When you arrive in Venice, you will be greeted by a group of citizens.  They are glad to have the real Hero of Jaffa back in their city.  Alvise is summoned to see the Doge.  After he leaves, talk to Vittoria.  The members of her old Salon return and she vows to start a new one.

After she leaves, check your inventory and you should find Saint Mark's lion Crest.