The Legion of Independent Buccaneers (LIB) is a multinational company based in Lisbon. It is a company comprised primarily players who have migrated from games and groups such as Pirates of the Burning Sea, Pirates of the Caribbean, Old Sailor Society, Sea Dogs and Cutthroats. The LIB is open to others but we have to know you and you generally need to be recommended by a member for your application to be accepted.

This company no longer exist and most of those early players from 2011 have abandoned the game. The only remaining member of this company still regularly in the game is Gray-Beard. When Papaya Play took over the administration of the game he refounded the company as Naples_United which is a company primarily for alternate characters and is based in Naples. 

Naples_United has no entry or nationality requirements.

It provides a company store for your alternate's salable goods.

There is a colony which is being slowly developed

Aide Fleet is opened every month.

There is no requirement for monthly contributions though should you wish, feel free to make them.

Members will help you but as most members are alternates it can be hit and miss. This is not really a company for noobs but, if you know what you're doing and just need a company store and Aide Fleet or need a place to park an alt with access to a company store in a surprisingly busy port then you are more than welcome.

Our Motto: No drama, no issues, no moaning or groaning and no primadonna's

President: NicholasSharpe

Vice President: Anne-Commenus

GrayBeard 05:40, January 11, 2011 (UTC) Gray Beard