Name: The request of the alchemist No Expiration
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Marseille Adventure Mediator
Genoa Adventure Mediator
Naples Adventure Mediator
Venice Adventure Mediator
Athens Adventure Mediator

Attrib price 38,000 Ð
Advance 0 Ð
Attrib timeperiod 16th Century-P.2
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There's an Alchemist living in Venice, a Master "Paracelsus" with a Request. By all means he wants you to search for the ingredient for his panacea, azoth. For details, ask the Alchemist directly.

Required Skill(s):
Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0


A letter from Alexandria
Venice - Paracelsus

Alchemy can be applied to medicine. Believing that, I've tried for a long time to create the panacea Azoth. But I still can't identify the catalyst. Then I received a letter saying that a catalyst exists in Alexandria! I'm not able to leave this house because of my research. So I'd like you to investigate in my place.


The catalyst of Azoth
Alexandria - Scholar

Recently, some notes and powder were found at an Alchemist's home that was knocked down by lightning. The notes were indecipherable and quite tattered, but a shaman said the powder might be the catalyst for Azoth. So that's why I sent the letter. I'm no expert when it comes to alchemy, so I really don't know anything else.


Mercury and salt
Alexandria - Shaman near Archives

If you'd like to know about Azoth and its catalyst, you first need to study some alchemy. The tuition fee is five boxes of mercury, which symbolises the passive principle. That should cover the costs of the materials that we'll use in alchemic experiments.


Anima mundi required
Alexandria - Shaman near Archives

Then I think I have what I need. Mercury, sulphur and salt are the primary substances used in alchemy. Natural phenomena and the materials existing in this world are all created and animated by the World Soul. This is the philosophy of alchemy. And sulphur and mercury, especially, are substances that have been isolated by the World Soul.


What is the purpose of alchemy?
Alexandria - Shaman near Archives

The World Soul is able to transform all substances and cure every illness. When the World Soul changes the form of something, it becomes known as Azoth, which is also called true mercury. The ultimate goal of alchemy is not to create gold, but to obtain the World Soul in a specific form such as Azoth.

QuestData6 The request of the alchemist

The catalyst used to create Azoth is said to exist in Alexandria. The World Soul is capable of creating all natural phenomena and substances, transforming all materials and curing every illness. When the form of something is changed by the World Soul, that is known as Azoth. The ultimate goal of alchemy apparently is then to acquire Azoth.

Rewards for Completion
XP / Fame

Report XP: EXPType adventure 40
Report fame: Attrib fame1Type adventure 25




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