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Venice - ☀Venice's long decline started in the 15th century, when it first made an unsuccessful attempt to hold Thessalonica against the Ottomans (1423–1430). It also sent ships to help defend Constantinople against the besieging Turks (1453). After Constantinople fell to Sultan Mehmet II, he declared war on Venice. The war lasted thirty years and cost Venice much of its eastern Mediterranean possessions. Next, Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. Then Vasco da Gama of Portugal found a sea route to India by rounding the Cape of Good Hope during his first voyage of 1497-99, destroying Venice's land route monopoly. France, England and the Dutch Republic followed. Venice's oared galleys were at a disadvantage when it came to traversing the great oceans, and therefore Venice was left behind in the race for colonies.

Venice is located in the Eastern Europe region, and is unlocked by the East Mediterranean Sea port permit. It is located on the Adriatic Sea zone, and is part of the Italy and Southern France cultural sphere. It the Major City of Venice. A school for beginners is located here.

School DoorkeeperPresident Shylock EstateFountainArchivesOrseolo EstatePort (Commercial District)TavernItem ShopMarketMerchant GuildAdventurer GuildMaritime GuildPort (Company District)DoorkeeperPort (Square)BankFountainCompany Administration OfficeChurchDoge's EstateMichelangelo EstateParacelsus EstateCraft ShopPort (Harbour)ShipyardVenice

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Townman's Recipes
Senator, opposite of Doge's Estate